2002 Leonids Meteor Gallery

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All images below are copyrighted by the photographers.
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  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Blake Suddeth, Greenwood, South Carolina, USA
Nov. 19
#1 B. Suddeth: "I actually caught this one by mistake, I had been trying to get a picture of the meteors for a while with no success so I decided to take a picture of the moon reflecting on the lake and I got lucky. It was taken with an Olympus digital camera set on ISO 400."

Lorenzo Comolli, Notre Dame des Anges, a mountain near St Tropez, in southern France
Nov. 19
#1, more This amazing composite image shows 44 Leonid meteors and the planet Jupiter.

Barry Vaught, Orlando, Florida USA
Nov. 19
#1 B. Vaught: "This was the best meteor show I have ever seen,and proves that if you keep trying, you will eventually get your prize. They were clicking in at 10 to 15 at a time during the peak, which was around 5:30 AM EST, and continued through the new dawn. The Leonid's kicked the light pollution of Central Florida out the door!"

Frank S. Andreassen, Harstad, Norway
Nov. 19
#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, more Photo details: Nikon F801s camera, Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 set at f/2.0, 20 seconds exp., Fuji Provia 400F film

Tor Shuler, among the orange groves of Redlands, CA, USA
Nov. 19
#1 Oranges and meteors! Photo details: Taken with a Minolta X-370s, 28mm lens at f3.5 for ~30 secs. using Fuji 400 color print film.

Leonids Video
Harold Goldberg, San Rafael,
California, USA
Nov. 19
#1 H. Goldberg: "This Leonid was captured on an a consumer video camera. I missed the brightest meteor of the night while I was setting up the camera. All I saw was my shadow."

Brett Clapper, Shelby, North Carolina, USA
Nov. 19
#1, more A Leonid streaking through Orion. Photo details: Pentax 35mm, Fuji Superia 40, 50 Second Exposure

Chris Arnold, Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona, USA
Nov. 19
#1 C. Arnold: "I shot these with a Nikon N-90, with Fuji 800 print film, with a 35mm and a 100mm lens at 3.5 and 2.8, all at a four minute exposure. I am an Alaskan Photographer, but I went to Organ Pipe so I could get some cactus into my compositions."

Barbara Hawkins, Third Grade Teacher, Odessa, Florida, USA
Nov. 19
#1 B. Hawkins: "The trees are lit by a sentry light coming from behind a building. Two teachers along with thirty students and parents met at 4:30 am on Carrollwood Day School's soccer field to watch this fantastic show. There were oohs and aahs as if we were watching fireworks, but better!"

Mike Theiss, Key Largo, Florida, USA
Nov. 19
#1, more M Theiss: "This exploding leonid meteor was taken with a VX-2000 on a 1/4 shutter speed on infinity focus."

Ron Mochinski, Front Royal, Virginia, USA
Nov. 19
#1, #2, #3, #4 R. Mochinski: "Not all of these images have meteors in them. Some just have interesting 'man-made' objects flying through the lens." Photo details: two SLR cameras. One was shooting ASA400 color, and the other ASA400 BW film. Each were set on B setting at f/1.8.

More images (click on the name of the photographer to view the image):
Thomas Shmalberg (a -7.5th magnitude fireball over Lawrence, Kansas); Vladimir Karlovsky (Hlohovec, Slovak Republic); Valentin Grigore (a -4th magnitude fireball over Vulcana de Sus-Targoviste, Romania); Jimmy Westlake (Arches National Park near Moab, Utah); Dan Norman (central Minnesota, USA); M. Pietralczyk (Venus rising and a Leonid)

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