2002 Leonids Meteor Gallery

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  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Kathie Pascual, southwest Montana, USA
Nov. 19
#1 K. Pascual: "Skies were mostly cloudy during the night, however, I managed to capture this meteor around 4:30 am MST just before the hole in the clouds closed. Details: 10 second exposure, using a 28 mm lens, taken Nov 19, 2002 using Kodak MAX 400. "

Thad V'Soske, Anza-Borrego Desert near San Diego, CA
Nov. 19
#1, #2, #3, #4, more T. V'Soske: "These images were captured near Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in east San Diego County. Fuji Provia 400/F slide film was used with 2-min exposures and a variety of Canon & Olympus lenses - all at f/2.8. The blazing moon overpowered many of this year's Leonids. Still, it was a wonderful show, with a few meteors actually appearing on film! "

Richard Allen, Mineral Wells, Texas
Nov. 19
listen, look R. Allen: "This is a recording of a television video signal at 55.24 MHz reflected from a Leonid meteor. The Doppler shift is caused by the fast moving reflection ionization produced by the meteor. The spectrum plot shows this clearly."

Lionel Bernardi, near Nice in l'Escarene, France
Nov. 19
#1, #2 Members of the Astro Biniou Club saw this moonlit smokey trail (the debris from a Leonid fireball) twisted by high altitude winds.

Chris Gray, near Carman, Manitoba, Canada
Nov. 19
#1 Photo details: Nikon D100, 20mm 25sec, f/2.8, tripod, ISo200

Tomas Trzicky, Prague, Czech republic
Nov. 19
#1 Jupiter and a Leonid meteor appear amid moonlit clouds. Photo details: Practica camera + f=16mm 2.8 Zenitar fish-eye lens, exposure 1 minute and film Kodak Supra 400.

Robert Hoetink, Enschede, The Netherlands
Nov. 19
#1, more This picture is a composite of three 8-second exposures.

Mike Holloway, Van Buren, Arizona
Nov. 19
#1 M. Holloway: "This northern cross is a plane moving from right to left and a small meteor crossing in the North sky. I used a 35mm using a 40mm lense at F5.7. I didn't have a lot of luck with the 800 ISO film picking up the shower with the full moon. "

Bob Shabowski, Geneva, IL, USA
Nov. 19
#1, #2

#1 Leonid near Jupiter: single 8 second shot with Nikon CP990

#2 Leonid through the Big Dipper: single 10 second shot with Nikon CP990

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