2002 Leonids Meteor Gallery

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  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Kyle Gerstner, Mushroom Rock State Park in Kansas
Nov. 19
#1, #2 It's really a rock, not a mushroom! Both pictures contain faint Leonid meteors. The low-streaking (nearly horizontal) Leonid in #1 left a vapor trail that can be seen in #2.

Simon Filiatrault, Quebec, Canada
Nov. 19
#1 Simon Filiatrault had spent all night outdoors taking pictures of Leonids. After 88 shots he had captured only a few unimpressive meteors. But then ... "After 2 hours of -11C, I was about to go inside for a hot bath when I took this one last shot of the sunrise--and a bright Leonid," recalls Simon. "I was so lucky!"

Paulo M. Raymundo, Salvador, Brazil
Nov. 19
#1, more P. Raymundo: "We saw a marvelous display of Leonids with a couple of earth-grazers and several -5 mag. fireballs. Residual smoke trains were very frequent but could hardly be seen for more than a few seconds due to moonlight interference. Details: 50mm f/1.7 Pentax Lens on Fuji Superia 400 film taken at 04:05 UT, 40-second exposure."

Dirk Obudzinski, Sedona, Arizona, USA
Nov. 19
#1, #2, more Pictured is Courthouse Rock a few miles outside of Sedona. Photo details: Nikon EM camera, 50mm lens, f/2.0, 12 sec. exposures on Kodak Supra 400 film.

Leonids Video
(14 meteors!)
Don Goyette, Calhan, Colorado USA
Nov. 19
#1 D. Goyette used a Sony DCR-TRV10 Digital Camcorder in Nightshot mode 2 (shutter speed of 1/4), to capture this video of 14 Leonids streaking across partly cloudy skies.

Fernando Golscher, El Salvador, Centro América
Nov. 19
#1, #2, more F. Golscher: "[Despite] the moonlight we captured some good shoots of the storm."

Paolo Laquale, Altamura (BA) Italy
Nov. 19
#1 Photo details: 28 mm lens at f/3.5 on Polaroid High Definition 200 asa film.

Matthew Maness, Roanoke, Virginia
Nov. 19
#1, #2 M. Maness: "I stepped out at 5:15am to see if the sky had cleared up, and to my suprise it was only a little overcast. I pulled out my camera and snapped away, picture after picture. I saw about 30 meteors in a 15 minute period, but then it got to cold, and I had school in an hour. I needed some sleep so i called it a night."

Lorenzo Comolli, Notre Dame des Anges, a mountain near St Tropez, in southern France
Nov. 19
#1, more Photo details: Zenith 16mm f/2.8 objective, Kodak E200 film (developed at 320ISO), 6 min exposure. Composite of 10 selected images

Robb Heinz, Mason City, Iowa
Nov. 19
#1, #2, #3 Photo details: Photo details: Nikon FM camera, 24 and 50 mm lenses, F/2.8, 20-30 sec. exposures, on Fuji Superia 800.

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Stefanka von Brzeski (Pacheco State Park, California); Alejandro Bascolo (Glenn Rose Dinosaur Valley, Texas); Frank Karasti (Gilbert, Minnesota); Robert Smith (Stoneville, NC); Stan Richard (near Quincy, Illinois); Brian Larmay (Blue Mounds State Park,Wisconsin); Ron Waters (Dauphin Island near Mobile, Alabama); Agnes Vermes (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

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