2002 Leonids Meteor Gallery

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All images below are copyrighted by the photographers.
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  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Juan Carlos Casado, Cape Creus, Spain
Nov. 19
#1, more J. Carlos Casado combined 30 one-minute exposures to create this extraordinary image. "A fisheye lens was oriented toward Leo," explains Casado. "Jupiter is the brilliant central dot. The observing site was the Cape Creus Nature Park--the most eastern point on the Iberian peninsula. The Mediterranean sea can be seen in the background. My wife, Isabel Graboleda, helped me capture these exposures. Also note our dog, Leica, in the foreground watching the show."

Alvaro Garay V., Winter Springs, Florida
Nov. 19
#1 Photo details: Zenith II camera, 50 mm lens at f/2.0, Fuji superia 400 film, 15 second exposure.

Matt BenDaniel, Wellfleet, MA
Nov. 19
#1, more Only the full-sized image does justice to this photo, which shows 23 color meteors emerging from the shower's radiant in Leo.

Wiley Sanders, Lafayette, CA
Nov. 19
#1 W. Sanders: "This was my first effort photographing meteors. I used Fuji 400 film at f2.8 (24mm lens) and 1 to 3 minute exposures, which was too much exposure for the moonlight. This photo is a composite of two. The meteor behind the tree was really bright and lumpy."

Cleet Carlton, Yosemite National Park, CA
Nov. 19
#1, #2, more

#1 International Space Station passing over Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite National Park, CA November 19, 2002 at 5:16 AM Fuji NPH 400 ASA 120 film, F5.6, 2 minute exposure, Hasselblad 501CM, 50mm lens, no filters

#2 Leonid Meteor over El Capitan, from Wawona Tunnel Viewpoint, Yosemite National Park, CA November 19, 2002 at 3:23 AM Fuji NPH 400 ASA 120 film F4, 7 minute exposure, Hasselblad 501CM, 50mm lens, no filter

Robert Slobins, Cedar County, Iowa
Nov. 19
#1 Canon 24/1.4L and 50/1.2L lenses,
Fuji NPZ (ISO 800) film. Copyright 2002 Robert B Slobins/Phototake.

Jimmy Herrera, Estación Marte, Coahuila, México
Nov. 19
#1, #2, #3, #4 Photo details: Olympus OM-1, Kodak 800 film, 28mm f/4 lens. 2 to 4 minute exposures.

Gordon Fritz, Beaufort, South Carolina, USA
Nov. 19
#1 G. Fritz: "The bright moon obliterated most of the weaker meteors but the large ones were very impressive and numerous. This one was much longer than is recorded on the 400ie FujiFilm with a Nikon F3, 24mm lens open at f2.8 for one minute."

Devin Mylrea, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nov. 19
#1 "The wispy clouds didn't interfere much with a wonderful early morning view of the Leonids from the Canadian Prairie."

Antoine Gerhardt, l'Escarene, France
Nov. 19
#1 3min exposure on Kodak Ultra 8000 with a Nikkor 20mm at F/D 2.8

Calvin Hall, northern Minnesota, USA
Nov. 19
#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, more C. Hall: "I counted the Leonids and averaged 10 per minute, with a peak of 20. Quite amazing with such a bright moon. "

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