2002 Leonids Meteor Gallery

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George Varros, NASA DC-8 (over the Atlantic Ocean)
Nov. 17
#1, video G. Varros: "This is a bright Leonid meteor, perhaps brighter than the moon, imaged from the NASA DC-8 during the Leonid MAC Campaign, using the Meteor Tracker developed by George Varros. After a brilliant flash, the meteor reappears before burning out. The train was visible for at least 4 minutes. Courtesy George Varros and Dr. Peter Jenniskens. Special thanks to all the people at NASA Dryden who made the mission such a big success! "

Rijk-Jan Koppejan, Erwin Meerman &
Jan Koeman
, Middelburg,
The Netherlands.
Nov. 19
#1, #2 J. Koeman: "After exciting weeks of preparation and gathering information from the web about the Leonides, we suffered last night tremendously under a thick cloud cover over the Philippus Lansbergen Observatory in Middelburg, The Netherlands. Look at our pale faces!"

Brian Whittaker, high above the North Atlantic Ocean
Nov. 19
#1 B. Whittaker: "Here is a photo of a Leonid that I took out of an airplane window this morning at about 4:10 AM GMT. It was hard to judge, but I guess that rates got up to about 1 every 10 seconds for several minutes. I'm guessing, with my limited view, that it peaked about 4:50 AM GMT from the North Atlantic."

Patrick Bornet, Saint Martin, Nièvre, France
Nov. 19
#1 This image shows a faint Leonid streaking above the smokey debris of a fireball that exploded before the exposure began. The smokey trail is twisted by high-altitude winds.

Frank Sapp, Laughlin, Nevada
Nov. 19
#1 Photo details: Canon PowerShot G1 Firmware: Shutter speed: 6 sec Aperture: 2.0 ISO: 50 Lens: 7.0 to 21.0 mm Focal length: 7.0 mm

Bill Gallagher, near Lake Tahoe, CA
Nov. 19
#1 B. Gallagher: "The bright, fixed 'star' is Jupiter."

Robin Leadbeater, Cumbria, England
Nov. 19
#1 R. Leadbeater: "This image, which was taken using a modified surveillence camera , is a composite of 150x 2sec frames The white blobs are clouds. The bright object bottom right is Jupiter. The steaks are the meteors, diverging from the radiant in Leo."

Jarle Aasland, Stavanger, Norway
Nov. 19
#1 This meteor appeared over Norway at 5:30 a.m. local times. J. Aasland: "Great show!"

Sebastiaan John de Vet, The Netherlands
Nov. 16
listen High school student Sebastiaan John de Vet recorded this radar echo of an early-arriving Leonid on Nov. 16th. Learn more.


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