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August 1, 2008
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  Summary: The Moon passed directly in front of the sun on August 1, 2008, producing a total eclipse in northern Canada, Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia and China. A partial eclipse was widely observed from three continents, including the Maine corner of North America, almost all of Europe and Asia. [details]
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Eric Ng, Hong Kong,
Hami, Xin Jiang, China.
Aug. 1, 2008

We almost missed the most impressive moment and fortunately the sun came out from the cloud and gave us the impressive great show. This images combined multi-exposure from 1/1000 to 2s to render the details of whole Corona (one stop increment for each exposure).

Photo details: Canon 30D and EF-100-400mm lens at F11.

Janne Pyykkö,
Jiayuguan, China
Aug. 1, 2008
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I was succesful to find a place to combine the great wall of China and the total solar eclipse in August 1, 2008. Here's a photo and a 3 min 30 sec YouTube clip (totality 0:41 - 1:33). In the right-hand-side tower there are several people watching and cheering.

Menno van der Mark,
Kamerik, The Netherlands
Aug. 1, 2008

The final stage of the partial solar eclipse with airplane trail from Kamerik, The Netherlands.

Photo details: Canon 20D, Canon USM 35-350 L @ 350mm.

Loren Dolman,
Aug. 1, 2008
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Nail-biting experience in Yiwu, China, as the sun appeared from behind a small cloud, and gave us a spectacular total solar eclipse. One small streamer is apparent. You can see the worry in an eclipse-chaser's face. Eclipse photos through a Williams Optics 90 using a Nikon D3. These photos are totally unedited, submitted from Hami, China.

Jan Haltenhof,
Kiel, Northern Germany
Aug. 1, 2008
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This was the first eclipse with my 8" telescope. Here in Germany are not the best conditions to see the moon covering the sun. The biggest occultation is only about 25 %. So I prepared everything for the sky show and took a lot of pictures to create this collage. Around the maximum I noticed a plane approaching the sun to pass right in front of it. It was only a piece of a second but really amazing.

Patricia Reiff,
West of Yiwu, China
Aug. 1, 2008

"Dragon Eats Sun"... West of Yiwu China... the clouds almost prevented us from seeing the eclipse. Fisheye image from Nikon 5D camera with Sigma 8mm lens. (inset shows full resolution). Sand dunes in foreground. Patricia Reiff, Rice University, group leader of Group D, Ring of Fire Expeditions.

Josef Laufer,
Wuerzburg, Germany
Aug. 1, 2008

lunar limb profile, 1 pixel = 1 km

more images: from Pavel Kingsep of Tolmachevo(airport), Novosibirsk, Russia; from Alexander Zaytsev of NSU Observatory, Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia; from Yasmin Angelique Walter of near Frankfurt, Germany; from Martin Mc Kenna of Maghera, C. Derry, N. Ireland; from Ledoux Philippe of Toussaint, Normandy, France; from SPACE c b devgun of Novosibirsk, Russia; from Lynn van Rooijen of WeiXiZia, Yiwu, China