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August 1, 2008
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  Summary: The Moon passed directly in front of the sun on August 1, 2008, producing a total eclipse in northern Canada, Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia and China. A partial eclipse was widely observed from three continents, including the Maine corner of North America, almost all of Europe and Asia. [details]
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Joerg Schoppmeyer,
Eclipse City Camp, Jinta County, China
Aug. 1, 2008

Photo details: Nikon D50 18mm focal length, 800 ASA 1/10s at 11:14:06 UT

SY Lok,
Weizixia, Xinjiang, China
Aug. 1, 2008
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It is my first time to watch the Totol Solar Eclipse. Feeling excited, I took this photo at Weizixia, Xinjiang, China. The cloud looked like a devil bitten the Sun and the Mercury turned bright. It was dusky, windy and cool. The surroundings were filled up with laughters and cheers.

Photo details: shot at 10:09UT with Nikon D300, 300mm f/2.8 lens, ISO200, 1/3s exposure at f/5.6.

Jan Koeman,
Middelburg, The Netherlands
Aug. 1, 2008
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More than 100 visitors of our public Observatory Philippus Lansbergen in Middelburg, The Netherlands, witnessed the partial (22%) solar eclipse. We had 5 telecopes ready for this event. Young kids took magnificient pictures with their mobile phones just through the eyepiece of the telescope!

Peter CHOW,
Weizi Gorge, Yiwu, Hami, Xinjiang, China.
Aug. 1, 2008
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Few minutes before totality, the sun was still covered by clouds and it was an uncertainty that we were able to observe the totality of not. And just 1 min or so before totality the sun ran out of the clouds and showed us the fantastic diamond ring, what a gorgeous moment!

Odd Hoydalsvik,
Novosibirsk, Russia
Aug. 1, 2008
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Our expedition to Novosibirsk was a great success. The clouds cleared a few hours before start of the partial phase, and they came back just a couple of hours after 4th contact.

Chris Kotsiopoulos,
Russia, Novosibirsk
Aug. 1, 2008
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The weather in Novosibirsk, Russia wasn’t promising during the last week before the eclipse. Thick clouds, continuous rains and thunderstorms were trimming the hopes of everyone expecting to see the phenomenon. Finally one hour or so, before the first contact, the sky cleared completely, allowing to all of us here in the Russian city to live the experience of a lifetime!

Photo details: for the single photos: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi, Refractor telescope 70 mm, 01/08/2008 17:44 Local, Shutter Speed 1/2500, Aperture Value 10.0, ISO 200, for the photo series: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi, Refractor telescope 70 mm, 01/08/2008 16:30 - 18.50 Local, Shutter Speed 1/400, Aperture Value 10.0, ISO 200

Lynn van Rooijen,
WeiZiXia, near Yiwu, Hami, China
Aug. 1, 2008
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Undescribable. Slight panic just before totality due to clouds, but the sun borke through just in time. Diamond Ring with Canon 10D & Stellarvue 80 and prominences with 20Da (see red color!)& 300mm lens. Absolutely unprocessed first impressions. Viewing site at WeiZiXia, near Hami, China Lynn van Rooijen, Netherlands.

more images: from Gerd Neumann of Kochenovo, Russia; from Brian Southgate of Novosibirsk, Russian Federation; from Kamil Kusiński of Poland; from Stanislaw Rokita of Torun, Poland; from Jurgen de Boer of Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands;