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August 1, 2008
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  Summary: The Moon passed directly in front of the sun on August 1, 2008, producing a total eclipse in northern Canada, Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia and China. A partial eclipse was widely observed from three continents, including the Maine corner of North America, almost all of Europe and Asia. [details]
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Dr Arthur Lee,
North of Hami China, 43 15N, 94 42E
Aug. 1, 2008
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It's 1 AM local time and we just got back from eclipse site. Weather started well but rapidaly deteriated and by 10 minutes to second contact I was sure we were going to miss it, but by the grace of unknown forces it cleared 30 seconds before totality and we saw it all. North of Hami 43 15N, 94 42E

Laurent Laveder,
Quimper, Bretagne, France
Aug. 1, 2008
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The eclipsed Sun projected on my daughters Lydia and Manon's tee-shirt with a 80/480 refractor.

Peter von Bagh,
Porvoo, Finland
Aug. 1, 2008
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We were observing the eclipse whith my old binoculars. It was interesting to see the moon gliding in front of the sun. The sun had no spots, but suddently there were one ore two big spots and they were walking!! Camera: canon PowerShot A550

Conor McDonald,
Maghera Co.Derry Ireland
Aug. 1, 2008
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I got up to a mostly cloudy morning but managed to grab this shot through the clouds. A pretty sight

Zahra Pilevar,
Tehran, Iran
Jan. 8, 2008
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Photo details: Canon 350D

Eric Walker,
North Kyme, Lincolnshire, England
Aug. 1, 2008
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I got these pics by projecting the partial eclipse through binoculars on to a wonderful grainy old wooden door in North Kyme, Lincolnshire.

Photo details: Canon EOS 400D, ISO400, f/10, 1/160s, fl=42mm.

Russia, Moscow
Aug. 1, 2008

Partial eclipse is not as awesome as total, which by the way I have never had a chance to see live. But it was still very interesting to observe.

P-M Hedén,
Vallentuna, Sweden
Aug. 1, 2008
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Wow! It has started! SM60 Orion 80ED Canon DLSR

Robert Hoetink,
Enschede, The Netherlands
Aug. 1, 2008
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The eclips could be seen sometimes through the clouds. But the weatherconditions in the east part of Holland were far from good. Nikon D200, 200 mm. lens. This is a combination of 6 photo's.

more images: from Jonathan Demery of St Davids College, Llandudno, North Wales, UK; from V.Gonano and D. Verducci of Udine, Italy; from Glenn Thomas Hvidsten of Kongsberg, Norway; from Jane Taylor of London, England; from Peter Paice of Belfast, Northern Ireland; from Stephane PALFRAY of Etainhus, Normandy, France; from Pete Glastonbury of Devizes, Wiltshire, UK; from Ulrich Rieth of Hamburg, Germany;