November 2004
Aurora Gallery
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Summary: Two coronal mass ejections hit Earth's magnetic field on Nov. 9th, causing a severe geomagnetic storm. Auroras were spotted in the United States as far south as California and Arizona. [See also the October 2004 aurora gallery.]

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Chris VenHaus,
Nov. 08
#1, #2, #3, #4, more

One of the most beautiful displays I've seen in years.

Stephanie Koles,
Saylorsburg, PA Northeast PA
Nov. 07
#1, #2

Here are a few of the pictures I took Nov 7th. These were taken looking due North from my home in the Pocono mountains of Northeast PA. I used a Pentax K1000 and Kodak Max 400 film. 50mm lens, F2.8 with a 25 second exposure. I was totally blown away by this auroral display.

Norm Klekoda,
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nov. 07

Nice show. They started right after dark. Animation was taken with 50mm Canon and 24 frames of fuji 800 film. Camera pointed east.

Jimmy Sherwood,
Mio Michigan
Nov. 09
#1, more

I satyed up two nights till 3am watching and photographing the light show. Pentax P30t 10 second exposure, ASA 200 35mm lens.

Rosley, Cumbria Northern England
Nov. 11

After nearly 2 months of cloudy skies it was good to see this display even though it was not such a great show as last year! Photo details: Nikon D100, ISO 32000, 80 secs

Hans Sivenius,
Jämsä, Finland
Nov. 09
#1, more

Very Very bright auroras. This 'show' was quite long; about 5 hours!!! Canon 300D 28mm/2.8, ISO 800, 5-12s

Chris Schur,
Payson, Arizona
Nov. 10
#1, more

This image from the second night of Aurora on November 10th, shows the contiued glow in the north, which was invisible to the naked eye, and thus qualifies as a Photographic Aurora. The Kp was only 5, but we apparently were still getting some action from the night before. Pentax K1000, Aurora Cam Robotic Camera, 10 mins with 16mm fisheye at f/2.8 and konica 400 film.

Gregg Gressa,
Davisburg Michigan
Nov. 10
#1, #2

Most amazing show I have ever seen! Fuji Finepix S-1 Pro. f/4 20 sec exposures

Bill Rockwell,
near Fort McMurray Alberta.
Nov. 11

I lit up my friend Johan with a flash while launching a model rocket behind him.

Frederic Hore,
Rigaud, Quebec, Canada (55km west of Montreal)
Nov. 10
#1, more

My year old subscription to finally paid off with this image taken atop 'Mt Rigaud', 50 km west of Montreal QC. It was 11:30pm when I left the city, and 1:30am early on the 10th when I took this photo under nearly clear skies. The heavens were pulsating with multi-hued auroras, with arcs spanning the skies from east to west. Some were doing the 'tube-snake boogie' shifting in everchanging patters while others seemed to eminate in a cone from the zenith like a bishops hat. Taken with a Nikon F100,Nikkor 20mm lense. Exposure : 60sec at f2.8, Fuji Provia 400F film pushed 1 stop to 800asa. Thank you fellow photographers for your past exposure guidelines on this site. This was my first of 20 great images!!!

Jerry Chab,
Falls City, Nebraska
Nov. 10
#1, #2

Between the blues, purples, columns, spikes, moving shadows, the odd Leonid and an Iridium, the show on the 10th was the greatest in years!! Canon 10D digital SLR, ISO 400 with various f-stops and exposures due to the wide range of intensities of the lights.

Jean Chiasson,
Beauport - Québec (Canada)
Nov. 09
#1, #2

35 mm Ricoh XR-1; Fujifilm 200 & 800 X-Tra ISO; 16 & 28 mm @ f/2.8, 15-20 sec.

more images: from Jay Zietlow of North Carolina; from Josh Walawender of Deer Trail, Colorado, USA; from John Hunter near the Des Moines River, Madrid, Iowa; from Roy Hooper of Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada; from Adam Newman of Melville, NY, USA (30 miles east of New York City); from R Glenn Jewers of Winchester, Ontario CANADA; from Jim Manning of Bozeman, Montana USA

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