November 2004
Aurora Gallery
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Summary: Solar activity intensified in early November with the appearance of big sunspot 696. The active region unleashed a series of strong M-class solar flares. On Nov. 7th, coronal mass ejections from some of those explosions hit Earth's magnetic field and triggered an extreme geomagnetic storm. [See also the October 2004 aurora gallery.]

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  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Dennis Mammana,
Borrego Springs, California, USA
Nov. 07
#1, #2, more

The rain ended and the clouds began breaking just before midnight and, though the aurora appeared to the eye only as a dim grayish haze, it showed up photographically as red. Canon 10D with 24mm f/1.4L lens; ISO 400, f/1.4, 30 seconds.

Jimmy Westlake,
near Steamboat Springs, CO
Nov. 07
#1, #2, #3, more

All three images were taken with a Fuji FinePix S2 digital camera with a Nikon 35 mm lens at F3.3. All were 20 second tripod exposures at ISO 400. 'Aurora Over Yampa Buttes' was taken at 6:45 PM MST; 'Aurora Over Stagecoach lake' was taken at 7:52 PM MST; 'Aurora Over Steamboat Spr' was taken at 8:21 PM MST.

Wes Kruse,
Milwaukee, WI
Nov. 07
#1, #2

Taken with Sony DSC S85 at 20 sec exp at f2.5.

Philippe Moussette,
Observatoire de la Découverte Val-Bélair Québec Canada
Nov. 07
#1, more

This piscure was taked whit Canon digital rebel camera and 8mm fisheye lent at 1600ASA exposed 4 secondes.

David Ewoldt,
Okarche and Kingfisher, Oklahoma, USA
Nov. 07
#1, #2, #3, #4, more

Taken with a Nikon D70 - 800 ISO - 15 to 30 second exposures - 2.8 20mm. The duration of the event allowed me to move to several locations. While not the best I have seen... still a good show for Oklahoma.

Scott Beason,
Cedar Falls, IA, USA
Nov. 07

Auroras seen just NW of Cedar Falls, IA. Went all the way south of our Zenith, completely covering the northern sky. Photo Details: Cannon G5, 400ASA, 10s, F3.2.

Ricardo Borba,
Ottawa, Ontario - Canada
Nov. 07
#1, #2, #3

Best auroras by far, very active overhead all the way down to the south! Photo details: Canon 20D, ISO 1600, F/3.5, 3.2s to 6s exposures.

Andrew Sanjanwala,
Rochester, New York, USA
Nov. 08
#1, #2, #3, #4

Upon hearing about the Auroras around 11:30PM from a friend, I flew out of my apartment to find a nice, dark place, only to discover I was without a tripod. So I ended up using my car as a camera base. Here are some of the results. Camera is a Sony F717, photos were taken at various shutter lengths with around F2.2, ISO100-800

Abe Megahed,
Madison, Wisconsin (downtown!)
Nov. 08

This amazing aurora display was so bright that it was beautifuly visible a mile from downtown Madison. Colors visible in the display were green, yellow, red, orange, and even violet!

Bob Sandy and Carmen Lang,
Roanoke County, VA
Nov. 07
#1, #2, #3, #4, more

Taken with a Canon 10D digital SLR. Very impressive aurora display!

Chris Haws,
Faribault, MN, USA
Nov. 07
#1, #2, more

The night sky was ablaze with aurora for hours and what a sight! Many different colors and arcs. Some extended from east to west horizon. At one point the aurora was only visible in the southern sky. Camera Olympus C-4000 Zoom digital, most pics 16s exposure, ISO 200.

more images: from Tom Gwilym of Renton, WA; from Jim Slebodnik of New Baltimore, MI; from Alan Lord of Fern, Angus, Scotland; from Henry Kwan of Montreal, Quebec, Canada; from Mike French of Plattsburgh, NY;

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