The ISS over Palm Beach Gardens: Dec. 9, 2000
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Summary: This gallery of images, captured by photographer Doug Murray, shows the International Space Station (ISS) and the Space Shuttle Endeavour streaking over Palm Beach Gardens, FL, during the STS-97 mission. Near the end of the 4-minute flyover the ISS briefly rivaled nearby Venus in brightness!

Says Doug Murray: "Visually it was incredible! The Shuttle was a short distance from the ISS and appeared to be directly in front of it. The shuttle was about as bright as a 3rd magnitude star. The ISS was 2nd magnitude for most of the flyby then briefly flared to magnitude -2 to -4 (about the same as Venus)."

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Doug Murray, Palm Beach Gardens, FL #1 The clouds in this wide-angle picture are illuminated by the nearly-full Moon (lower left) on Dec. 9th. In the full-sized image, you can see Venus at center right and the ISS-space shuttle combo as a closely-space pair of streaks bisecting the photo. The 5-minute exposure lasted from 6:26 to 6:31 pm local time.

Doug Murray, Palm Beach Gardens, FL #2 Near the end of its transit over Palm Beach Gardens, the ISS flares until it is about as bright as Venus.

Doug Murray, Palm Beach Gardens, FL #3 Zooming in even closer, Murray's photo shows two parallel tracks across the sky -- one made by the ISS, the other by the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

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