Solar Eclipse Gallery
March 29, 2006

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Summary: On Wednesday, March 29, 2006, the moon passed in front of the sun producing a solar eclipse visible from parts of four continents: animated eclipse map.

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Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyrighted by the photographers.

  Photographer, Location, Date Larger images Comments

Kostas Christodoulopoulos,
Kastelorizo - Greece
Mar. 29

A spectacular solar corona which I will never forget!!! Photo details: Canon EOS 300D, 85mm Canon lens, ISO 100, 1s exposure

Loren Dolman,
Taken in Jalu Oasis area, Libya.
Mar. 29
#1, #2, #3, #4,

Taken with a Nikon D2X and 300mm x 2 2.8 lens. 1) Totality 2) Diamond ring 3) Cypriot tourist with eclipse glasses 4) Libyan 10 dinar note with partial phase pattern.

Marini Massimo,
Side (Antalya) Turkey
Mar. 29
#1, #2, #3

Canon EOS 350D - TV 1/1000 -AV F8.0 - ISO 200 - Focal Lenght 250mm - Società Astronomica 'G.V. Schiaparelli' Varese Italy

Craig Smith,
Side, Turkey
Mar. 29

Myself and my wife witnessed full totality but only had our Mobile phone camera. Still we got this nice picture of a bush projecting lots of little eclipsed suns! Taken using Sony Ericson K750i.

Kamal Chellani and-- Mr. Khan,
Mar. 29
#1, #2, #3, #4

the images were taken in school SPRINGDALES SCHOOL DHAULA KUAN NEW DELHI by Mr KAMAL CHELLANI and Mr Khan ON 29TH MARCH--they showed eclipse in school to 50 students and parents with a BIG PIN HOLE CAMERA AND A BINOCULARS AND KODAK CAMERA

Ugur Ikizler,
Side - Antalya, Turkey
Mar. 29
#1, #2, #3

60 mm refractor + 2xBarlow lens, prime focus, Canon AV1 SLR camera, Fuji Velvia 500 ASA

Birgit Kremer,
Marbella, Spain
Oct. 25
#1, #2, #3

A real nice spring day for this parcial solar eclipse! The details of AR 865 and the moon are taken with webcam Atik 2HS. The full disc sun with moon with the Canon EOS 300. All three images with a Coronado stack of Solarmax 60 + Solarmax 90 mm and TMB 100/800 mm. Kind regards from southern Spain Birgit

Floris Bijlsma,
near Side, Turkey
Mar. 29

Fabulous eclipse! There are 26 seconds between the first and last picture of this sequence. I used a Canon 300D with 300mm (480 effective), iso 100, F7.1 and 1/4000s.

Sabahattin Bilsel & Serdar Hepgül,
South of Salt Lake, Turkey
Mar. 29
#1, #2, more

Orion 80mm refractor F=480mm on Vixen GP-DX (hand driven by Serdar Hepgül), Canon EOS 350D camera, Thousand Oaks +2 solar filter

Keith Johnson,
Castle Eden walkway planetarium, Stockton, North east England
Mar. 29

Clear skies throughout the eclipse, Photo details : 135mm M42 pentax type lens attached to a philips vesta 680K web camera, each frame a result from a 10 second AVI captured at 5 f.p.s.

Bachir El-Youssef,
Notre Dame University, Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
Mar. 29
#1, #2

The Astronomy Club at NDU showed the eclipsing sun to several hundred students and staff members using telescopes, eclipse viewers and video feed. Although the eclipse wasn't total in Lebanon, people of all ages were very excited to witness the event.

more images: from Al Meldrum in Edinburgh, Scotland; from Gianluigi Persano of Maglie (LE) - Italy; from Gandini Elena Gruppo Sole Ricerche Solari Italia of Caprino Bergamasco (Italy);