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March 29, 2006

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Summary: On Wednesday, March 29, 2006, the moon passed in front of the sun producing a solar eclipse visible from parts of four continents: animated eclipse map.

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Ivar Marthinusen,
in the path of totality, Side, Turkey
Mar. 29
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Really great eclipse! We had clear weather and saw a huge corona--there were even some prominences on the edge.

Anthony Ayiomamitis,
From the eastern Aegean and the Greek island of Kastelorizo where 200 inhabitants hosted over 3000 visitors.
Mar. 29
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At the risk of being trite, the exhiliration one experiences watching a total solar eclipse is beyond description and is something that every amateur and professional astronomer should experience at least once in their lifetime. We were on the 9-sq km Greek island of Kastelorizo in the eastern Aegean. With well over 3000 visitors to the island, fifteen times the permanent population of this small island community, many visitors from all parts of the world observed and marvelled at the brilliant show put on by our two most visible and dominant celestial neighbours during the course of approximately 2.5 hrs. The three minutes of totality yielded a breathtaking view of the ethereal corona, stunning prominences placed all over the solar limb as well as a magical view of Baily's beads. Regrettably these three minutes seemed to pass in a matter of seconds, for the velvet blue sky very gradually returned to its normal self and our feathered friends started their chirping in anticipation of a 'new' sunrise.

Stephane PALFRAY,
Le Havre, Normandy, France
Mar. 29
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In France, we saw a partial eclipse. These pictures taken in my classroom during physics lectures. Fuji finepix 1400zoom and solarscope. The fourth picture (on the laptop computer) came live from Turkey.

Didier Favre,
Brétigny S/Orge, France
Mar. 29
#1, more

Mosaic of 3 images taked with a Coronado H-alpha filter.

Graeme Coates,
Located in Kalkan, Southern Turkey.
Mar. 29
#1, #2

Nikon D70s, Takahashi FC-60. Composite has 4 processed and combined images processed to show the fine detail within the corona (and the dust on the ccd chip :)

Lesley Jennings,
Near Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Mar. 29

I managed to see a partial eclipse this morning. We had lovely clear blue skies and I projected the image of the eclipse onto white paper using a small scope. I still have to see a total eclipse, but have seen a partial eclipse three times now.

Alexandre Amorim,
Ponta Negra's Beach, Natal, Brazil.
Mar. 29
#1, more

08:35 UT, using a 7x50 binoculars and digital camera Sony S40, ISO80, f/5.1, 1-sec exposure

Franco Scapin,
Brugg AG, Switzerland
Mar. 29
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I was very lucky to have a hole in the clouds to catch the entire eclipse. The day I stayed off from Work was finally worth it!

Vasilis Wooseas,
Northwest Greece
Mar. 29
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The sky was cloudy and I was further northwest of the eclipse's path, however, I could still feel the sky going darker and the temperature dropping and to snip a couple of photos.

Peter Sponselee,
Middelburg, Zeeland, Holland
Mar. 29

This is the reflection of the partial eclipse in the fishpond in my backyard.

more images: from Adrian Jannetta in the Hauxley Nature Reserve, Northumberland, UK; from Peter Paice of Belfast, Northern Ireland;