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October 27-28, 2004
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  Summary: Now we know what it took to end the Curse of the Bambino--a lunar eclipse. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series on Wednesday night, Oct. 27, 2004, when the Moon glided through Earth's shadow and turned a vivid shade of red. [full story]
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Joe Webster,
Annapolis, MD USA
Oct. 27

Photo details: Celestron C8 @ f6.3, Nikon Coolpix 995, 1 second exposure.

Bob Colwell,
Somersworth NH
Oct. 27

Lunar Eclipse happening while the Red Sox are about to win the World Series!

Evan Fain,
Rancho Cordova, CA, USA
Oct. 27

The tree was being illuminated by a light from next door, the moon shows well with some stars... Taken at 7:46(ish) DSC-707 5sec f2.4 iso100 - Evan

Jarle Aasland,
Stavanger, Norway
Oct. 28

Clouds and haze threatened to spoil the event this morning (local time), but moments before the total eclipse the sky cleared! Beautiful moon, but darker than the last few eclipses I've seen.

Kostian Iftica,
Brighton, Massachusetts, USA
Oct. 27

I took this through my 8' reflector telescope. I handheld the camera to the eyepiece. this is a 2sec expossure. ISO 200

John Kocijanski,
Monticello, NY. 10/27/04
Oct. 25

Taken afocally with an Olympus D-550 digital zoom camera through a Meade 32mm Super Plossl eyepiece using an Orion XT4.5 dobsonian telescope. Just before the clouds rolled in.

Jason A.C. Brock,
Wichita Falls, Texas, USA
Oct. 27
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A full copper moon creates an eerie post-Halloween feel for Wichita Falls Texas. I was surprised at how many stars I could see during totality (which is still going on as I write this) that I couldn't see before totality.

Photo details: Canon Digital Rebel 100-1600 ASA, 4-10s. 600mm zoom and other at 50mm.

Hans Sivenius,
Jamsa, Finland
Oct. 28

I was sleeping when my mother came and told me that in sky you can see lunar eclipse. I knew that I was little late but nevertheless I went outside with my camera.

Photo details: Canon 300D, 70-300mm lens

Pal Brlas,
Szeged, Hungary
Oct. 28
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3:29 UT Olympus C720UZ, 2s, 100ASA begin of totality