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Aug. 16, 2008
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  Summary: On August 16, 2008, the Moon moved through Earth's red shadow for an 81% partial lunar eclipse. The event was visible from parts of every continent except North America. [map] [details]
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Yaron Eini,
Rinatia, Israel.
Aug. 17, 2008
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As I was taking photos of the eclipse, my friend pointed out a cat which suddenly was moving on the roof in front of us. He looked as if he felt something was happening above all of us ...

Marco Fulle,
Duino, Trieste, Italy
Aug. 16, 2008

Miss Eclipse by Marco Fulle - Stromboli Online

The partial moon eclipse of 16 August 2008 offered a perfect geometry to perform an educational project involving both Stromboli Online - Swisseduc, the Trieste Astronomical Observatory and local schools. The aim of this project was a public show illustrating how a lunar eclipse works. First, students had to compute the geometry of the simulated eclipse. They found that the distance bewteen the light source (the "Sun" in the show, at bottom-left corner in the photo) and the globe used to project the shadow (the "Earth", at center-left in the photo) had to be 38 times the size of the globe itself in order to obtain a projected shadow with an angular size perfectly matching the real Earth shadow. Then they searched for a landscape properly oriented with respect to the sky, where to perform all the show in late evening of 16 August. They found that the New Church of San Giovanni in Tuba near Duino (Trieste, Italy) had the right orientation and architecture to enhance a sector of the shadow directed towards the eclipsed moon. The final result was a projected shadow so perfectly matching the real Earth one, that the student holding the globe (portraited in the photo, taken with f=180mm lens on a reflex FujiS3 digicam) had the impression to be the real actor responsible of the ongoing moon eclipse! The Church rises in a site important for religion since many thousands years (actually dating back to Greek Ages), because Timavo River rises back to light here after an invisible 40km long flow hidden in caves: Ancient Greeks built-up here temples devoted to Hercules, whose constellation was high in the sky during all the eclipse show.

Valter Binotto,
Possagno, TV Italy
Aug. 16, 2008
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A beautiful eclipse through the clouds Nikon D300 300/2.8 1.6 sec 500 asa at f5

George Tarsoudis,
Alexandroupolis, Greece
Aug. 16, 2008
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One of the best Lunar Eclipse I have see, I take photos from the others two eclipses Technical details: Telescope Takahatsi TSA-102N, Canon EoS 350D at prime focus, Tv :2, ISO :200, 16/08/2008 21:09:20 UT. Technical details of Occulation : Telescope Orion Optics 10 inch @ f/6.3, Canon EoS 350D at prime focus,stack 4 images, Tv: 2, ISO: 100, times in image. Technical details Eclipse with Umbra: Telescope Takahatsi TSA-102N, Canon EoS 350D at prime focus, Tv :1/40, ISO :100, 16/08/2008, 22:19:07 UT.

Andreas D. Skjervold,
Bodø, Norway
Aug. 16, 2008
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The cloudy horizon cleared just in time for the eclipse.

Photo details: Nikon D70, Sigma 70-300mm

Manuel Díaz Rodríguez,
Parque N. del Teide, Canary Island, Spain
Aug. 16, 2008
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This photo was taken by Manuel Díaz of Parque del Teide, Canary Island , during the partial lunar eclipse of August 16th. , 2008. Photo details: Canon EOS350D 2s expsure. Celestron 8

more images: from Csaba Hadhazi of Hajduhadhaz, Hungary; from Aymen Ibrahem of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt; from Paolo Laquale of Altamura, (BA), Italy; from Peter Elzinga of Bergum, Friesland, The Netherlands; from Valmir Martins de Morais of Estação Astronômica PieGise in the city of Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, Brazil; from Peter Naglič of near Celje, Slovenia; from Albert of El Masnou of Barcelona, Spain; from Victor Voropaev of Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, Russia; from Joerg Schoppmeyer of Near Heidelberg, Germany; from Romolo Berchicci of Altamura, south Italy;