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March 3-4, 2007
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  Summary: On March 3, 2007, the Moon entered the heart of Earth's shadow producing a red and turquoise lunar eclipse visible from parts of all seven continents. [map] [animation] [Science@NASA story]
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Michel Benvenuto,
Nice, South of France
Mar. 3, 2007
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The Astro Biniou Club was out among the palm trees of the French Riviera for this unique date... or is it the Moon?

Photo details: Nikon D200.

Renan Santos,
Brasil - Rio de Janeiro
Mar. 3, 2007
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Photo details: DSC-S90 Sony, 400 ASA

Stefan Seip,
Pannone, Italy
Mar. 3, 2007
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During the totality, the stars are visible in the neighborhood of the 'Full Moon'! And since that was a very dark Moon during totality in my opinion, I was able to record the Moon and many stars of the constellation Lion as well. The brightest star in the image is 59 Leo (magnitude 5).

Photo details: Camera: Canon EOS DSLR ISO: 800 Focal length: 600mm Aperture: F/5.6 Tracking: Yes Processing: Photoshop Date: March 3rd,2007 Time: 23:15 UT

Sylvain Rivaud,
Paris, France
Mar. 3, 2007

Photo details: Canon EOS 300D + 300mm lens

Didier Favre,
Brétigny, France.
Mar. 3, 2007
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For me it was one of the darkest lunar eclipses I ever seen.

Ian Sharp,
Taken from the garden of Sir Patrick Moore, in Selsey, West Sussex, UK.
Mar. 3, 2007
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Photo details: Canon 350D through a 150mm Vixen APO.

Stan Richard,
rural Iowa, NE of Des Moines.
Mar. 3, 2007
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At this longitude the atmospheric haze prevented us from seeing the moon until it came out of earth's shadow.

Aymen Ibrahem,
Baharia Oasis, Egypt
Mar. 3, 2007
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Stages of lunar eclipse, taken with a Sony DSC H5.

Jeff Biegert,
Fort Collins, Colorado
Mar. 3, 2007

It was a beautiful moonrise in Fort Collins yesterday evening!

Photo details: Canon G5, 16x telephoto lens, f3.0, 50 iso, 1/20 sec.

Dr Francois du Toit,
Port Elizabeth South Africa
Mar. 4, 2007
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Battled through the clouds - started to rain during totality.

Photo details: Canon EOS 300D SLR on 500 mm Prooptic Maksutov at F/5.6

John Talbot,
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
Mar. 3, 2007
#1, #2, #3

My finest lunar eclipse, a magnificent sight!

Photo details: Canon Ixus 750 compact digital camera at prime focus of a 200mm Newtonian telescope at f2.4

more images: from Julien HV Girard of Janitzio Island, Michoacan, Mexico; from Davide Pistritto of Bari, Apulia, Italy; from Jesse Varner overlooking Boulder, Colorado; from Walter Soestbergen of Vleuten, Utrecht, Netherlands; from Marc Trypsteen of Westende, Belgium; from Alex Lloyd-Ribeiro of Durham, England; from Alan Silverwood of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK; from Paul Chamberlain of Cedar Park in central Texas; from Keith Johnson of County Durham, England, UK; from Alma Rodas y Angel Llanas of la Ciudad de México;