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March 3-4, 2007
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  Summary: On March 3, 2007, the Moon entered the heart of Earth's shadow producing a red and turquoise lunar eclipse visible from parts of all seven continents. [map] [animation] [Science@NASA story]
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Ginger Mayfield,
Divide, CO
Mar. 3, 2007
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The eclipse was mostly over by the time the Moon rose in Colorado but it still made a spectacular sight as it rose above the snow covered fields at 9200 ft. altitude.

Chris Cook,
Highland Lighthouse, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Mar. 3, 2007
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The clouds parted and I was able to capture this beautiful view unfolding before me..... the totally eclipsed Moon rising behind Highland Lighthouse (aka Cape Cod Light) on Cape Cod. Originally built in 1797, I wonder how many eclipses this old lighthouse has seen over the years! What a sight!!!

Photo details: Canon 20D DSLR with a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L lens. Exposures were around 3 seconds at ISO 400.

Pavol Rapavy,
Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia
Mar. 31, 2007

Photo details: Celestron 150/1200, Olympus E500, 200 ASA, star=56 Leo 6 mag

Robert Rustvold,
Notheast of Fort Dodge, Iowa
Mar. 3, 2007
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The cold weather and strong wind made it difficult to enjoy.

Photo details: Nikon D-100

Martin Campbell,
Dungannon, N.Ireland
Mar. 3, 2007

Photo details: Canon 20Da and Takahashi 5" refractor at F/6 and iso 100, 5 second exposure.

Thad V'Soske,
Colorado National Monument, Western Colorado, USA
Mar. 3, 2007
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In this image you can see the moon in penumbral eclipse (6:16pm MST). You can also see how the full moon is inside the shadow of Earth in the sky.

Markovic Nedeljko,
Novi Sad, Serbia
Mar. 4, 2007

All meteo forcasts said: Tonight totaly clouded (as for Saturn occultation two days before)and rainy, no way to see eclipse from our region. But somehow, I wake up at two o`clock, saw Moon throught clouds, went to my balcony, quickly set up my tripod and camera, and made some shots. While processing them, again thick clouds, rain and thunders.

Photo details: Camera EOS 20D, f1.8, 105mm Nikkor lens @ ISO100.

John Hull,
Wright, Wyoming, USA
Mar. 3, 2007
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I asked my mom if I could take the car to the tallest hill in town and she agreed to let me. When I got there and had just reached the top of the hill, the moon began rising almost instantly! Perfect timing! So, I took some pictures of the ending of the eclipse given that is all that was viewable here in Wyoming. It was a spectacular evening!

Photo details: Casio EXILIM EX-S600 digital camera

Brian Emfinger,
Cove Lake & Mount Magazine, Arkansas
Mar. 3, 2007
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I took the first two examples of the eclipse on top of Mount Magazine (the highest point in Arkansas 2700feet) and the main picture from Cove Lake which is just down the mountain.

Photo details: Canon Digital Rebel XT

more images: from Mark Riddick of Staunton, Va., USA; from Bill Williams of Boca Raton, Florida; from Christie Ponder of Kemah, Texas; from Rijk-Jan Koppejan of Middelburg, The Netherlands; from Marek Nikodem of Niedzwiady, near Bydgoszcz, Poland; from Ralf Vandebergh of the Netherlands; from Robert Hoetink of Enschede, The Netherlands; from Victor van Wulfen of Corpernicus Observatory, the Netherlands; from Hanif Shoaei of Tehran, Iran