September 2008
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Summary: A solar wind stream hit Earth on Sept. 3rd sparking a storm of magnitude 6 on the 0 to 9 Kp scale of geomagnetic activity. See also August 2008.

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Aleksander Chernucho,
Lake Imandra, Kolyskia peninsula, Russia

Sep. 4, 2008

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Photo details: Nikon D200 iso 800 F3/5 18mm lens 30s exposure.

Yuichi Takasaka,
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Sep. 3, 2008
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Faint pink streaks appeared towards western sky just before 11pm. Lights danced most of the night until the sky got cloudy at 2:30am.

Red trace=local magnetic field
Blue trace=ground currents

Rob Stammes,
Lofoten, Norway
Sep. 4, 2008
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Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy, so we couldn't see the Northern Lights, but my monitoring equipment at the Polarlight Center picked up vibrations in the local magnetic field (red trace) and ground currents (blue trace) caused by those magnetic changes. The disturbance in magnetic declination was about 3 degrees! On my VHF radio aurora system was a reflection directly upwards from a corona crown. This was for sure a strong effect from a coronal hole.

Stephane Levesque,
Ste Luce, Quebec, Canada
Sep. 4, 2008

After I saw your alert, I looked at my sky and saw these auroras.

Photo details: Pentax istdl2,16mm/3,5f/1600 asa at 20 second

Bud Kuenzli,
North Pole, Alaska
Sep. 2, 2008
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The display lasted for almost three hours. The image is a three-exposure panorama with a Canon EOS 1D MKII, 16-35mm, ISO800, 15 sec.

Lance Parrish,
Skiland, Alaska
Sep. 2-4, 2008
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Taken 9/2-4. Generally weak, but a short very nice display. Nikon D3 14-24mm f2.8 - 16mm f2.8 Fisheye ISO 1600-3200 at 3-15 secs

Yuichi Takasaka,
Lady Evelyn Falls, near Kakisa, Northwest Territories, Canada
Sep. 2, 2008
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The sky was clear, but the auroras didn't come out until 2am (MST) night. It was so dark I had to use flash to illuminate the falls. Pentax K20D, 14mm lens.

more images: from Martin Mc Kenna of Maghera, Co. Derry, N. Ireland; from Gilles Boutin of St-Jean Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada