January 2005
Aurora Gallery
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Summary: On January 7th, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth tipped south, sparking a brief but strong geomagnetic storm. Ten days of quiet followed. Then giant sunspot 720 appeared and started unleashing X-class solar flares. Strong-to-extreme geomagnetic storms ensued on Jan. 17th - 21st as a result of CME-hits to Earth's magnetic field. [See also the November 2004 aurora gallery.]

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Hans Sivenius,
Jämsä, Finland
Jan. 07
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I was going to WC when I watched out and I saw some 'green fog' in the sky. So I get my camera and went outside. I was surprised that auroras were so bright. Canon 300D 28mm/2.8, ISO 800, 10s

Shawn Malone,
Marquette, Michigan
Jan. 07
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sony dsc f828- from the frozen shores of Lake Superior.

Gilles Boutin,
St-Vallier Québec Canada
Jan. 07
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Last night a big green arch loomed on the horizon. Photo details: Minolta xe-7 Zénitar 16mm lens

Kim Randolph,
McGregor, MN, USA
Jan. 07
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Driving home from work Friday night I noticed some strange whispy clouds. I always snap a photo to look for green and there it was! It was quite a large display - exactly overhead and stretched from west to east. My camera caught some pinks as well as greens but to my eyes it was all white light. Clouds quickly moved in and obscured my view.

John Stetson,
Falmouth, Maine
Jan. 07

What a pleasant surprise to see the northern lights. I was hoping to see Comet Machholz and the Pleiades, but clouds and haze covered that part of the sky.


Remi Boucher,
Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada
Jan. 07
#1, #2, #3, #4

I really didn't expect to see anything tonight, but on the way home, around 6pm, I noticed a big green arc in the northern sky... I checked the internet to be sure it was aurora and went chasing aurora ;) Not one of those big show with a lot of movements, but some pretty shapes and a green spot in orion (south-east)! (for the movie : notice that the luminosity on the ground is changing. this is due to the coming clouds that reflected the city lights back on the ground.) Nikon D70, 18-70mm lens.

Peggy Mayette,
Wilton, Maine
Jan. 07

I walked out of my front door to see the sky bright green around 8:45pm last night. It was a delight to see. I took this picture with a Pentex, on automatic.

Emma Herranen,
Tampere, Finland
Jan. 08
#1, #2

I decided to take a look outside and there it was: Comet Machholz with some beautiful green auroras. The comet is on the rightside of the Pleiades (the dusty dot). The pictures were taken with Canon G3, 15s exposure and 400 ASA.

Watson Betts,
Oquossoc, Maine
Jan. 07
#1, #2

A very bright display, that came early in the evening. Nikon Coolpix D5400 ISO 400, 30 seconds

Brent Taylor,
Doaktown, New Brunswick, Canada
Jan. 08
#1, #2, #3

This aurora persisted for several hours, and was visible in patches even to the south of me at times. Time reported is UTC, which is Friday evening, 7 January 2005, local time. Canon A85, ISO 400, 15s exposure, stock lens. First time ever for night photography.

Philippe Moussette,
St-Agapit Québec Canada
Jan. 7
#1, #2, #3, more

3 seconds exposure at 3200ASA; Canon 20D; fisheye lens.

Fernand Laplante,
ST-Agapit Québec Canada
Jan. 07

Caméra Rebel 300D 800 ISO Pose de 5 sec.

Lars Pettersson,
Odensbacken, Sweden
Jan. 02
#1, more

Canon 300D modified to 10D (firmware) 400 ISO exp times 20-25 sec.

more images: from Kevin Forster of Wasilla, Alaska: #1, #2;


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