April 2011

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  Summary: April 2011 began with a surprising display of auroras, prompted by an unexpected by geoeffective solar wind stream. See also March 2011.  
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Frank Olsen,
Hillesøy island outside Tromsø, Norway
Apr. 6, 2011
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Another fantastic Aurora trip! Was so lucky both with nice weather and Aurora. In these images there's both sunset, moon and aurora. Images are taken at Hillesøy island just outside Tromsø, Norway. Canon EOS 7D, with Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. ISO 640, 5 - 8 secs expousure.

Øystein Ingvaldsen,
Bø in Vesterålen, North of Norway
Apr. 5, 2011
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My first shot with auroras and sunset. I went for a walk and did not expect to see northern lights, but suddenly it striked and I had som fun before the coulds took over the show.

Valentin CLEMENT and Guillaume GRAVEY,
Lofoten Islands, Norway
Apr. 5, 2011

We were driving in the Lofoten Islands, located in the North of Norway, when we saw this amazing aurora, enlightening the sky with a powerful green and slightly purple colour! Here, at 10:48 p.m. the sun is not far and give us a blue sky as background. I took this picture with a Nikon D300, ISO 250, f4 and 15s of exposure time.

Ulf Jonsson,
Luleå (65 N in Sweden) on the 6th of April 2011.
Apr. 6, 2011
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There was aurora both distant and right above. Dense low fog forced me to drive around a while to find some spots where the aurora was visible.

John Van Marcke,
northern Norway
Apr. 1-5, 2011
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I was on a short trip on the Coastal steamer MS Midnatsol from Hurtigruten along the Northern coast of Norway, when we where treated for 3 nights in 5 with nice aurora displays. For 3 friends of our party of 5 it was their first northern lights experience !!

Juha Peräsaari,
Seinäjoki, Finland.
Apr. 7, 2011
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My friend told me that he had seen auroras now at the evening, so I decided to go and see if I could photograph some. It was a nice show :) Photo details: Canon eos 400D, Tamron 17-50mm@17mm, f2.8, iso 800.

Alan C Tough,
Elgin, Moray, Scotland.
Apr. 6, 2011

A typical April auroral display here in Scotland! Beautiful colours! This image was taken at 20:53 UT with a Canon EOS 60D.

Nicolas Zea Posada,
Holmsund, Västerbotten, Sweden
Apr. 6, 2011
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From some time ago, I don't try to hunt Aurora Borealis. But the last night they are irresistible in Holmsund, North of Sweden. So I returned to my home, I took my cameras and went to work with photos and video. For the photos I used Pentax K-7, ISO 800, 20 seconds at 3,5 lens aperture.

more images: from Tony Mathyssen of Puvirnituq, Qc. Canada; from Sylvain Serre of Salluit, Nunavik, Quebec, Canada; from Peter Jansen of Hillockhead, Rosemarkie, Highland, UK; from Bernt Olsen of Harstad, Troms, Norway; from Stuart Lilie of Sortland, Norway