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Sarychev Peak 2009
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  Summary: In mid-June 2009, Russia's Sarychev Peak volcano erupted, hurling an enormous plume of ash and sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. This has produced some unusually colorful sunrises and sunsets around the northern hemisphere. Purple is one of the telltale colors of a volcanic sunset. Fine volcanic aerosols in the stratosphere scatter blue light which, when mixed with ordinary sunset red, produces a violet hue. Other signs to look for include a bright yellow "twilight arch" and long crepuscular rays and shadows.
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Liem Bahneman,
Kirkland, Washington, USA
Jun. 28, 2009
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I could tell, late in the evening that there was "something" to the clouds, the lighting as the sun was setting was off, so I found a nice view of the horizon and waited. The aerosols light up well after the normal sunset has expired, so it takes some patience, but it is well worth it to experience the violet.

Dimitri van der lee,
Amsterdam , The Netherlands
Jun. 30, 2009
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This morning on the end of my nightshift on a coal terminal in Amsterdam the sunset whas very bright red because of vulcanic ash. Very beautifull so I photographed it using my Nokia N95. I was unhappy that I didn`t have a better camera with me. It was very beautifull to see! Lights on picture are from the wheelloaders driving arround.( Catapillar 980H )

Steven Hallgren,
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Jun. 29, 2009
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With all the talk of volcanic sunsets, I had to take a look for myself. There was nothing really for the past couple of days, but the purple was out in full force tonight. The first three show the purple band on top of the normal red sunset, but the fourth is a picture of a VERY bright, purple cloud that I can only assume is part of the volcanic activity.

John Flude,
Willingdon, Near Eastbourne, East Sussex UK
Jun. 29, 2009
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The sun set at 2003 UTC 29-6-2009. The pictures were taken between 2038 and 2044 UTC when the upward rays were the most marked. Possible effects of the Sarychev Peak Volcano dust cloud.

Linda Neilsen,
Des Moines area (Seattle), WA, USA
Jun. 28, 2009
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I've been watching the evening sky for volcanic sunsets and NLC's. With clouds moving in and out here are two volcanic sunset photos. The pink sky tinged the lower clouds' darker areas in a greenish cast.

Cerisiers, Bourgogne, FRANCE
Jun. 29, 2009

Canon 1000D, 18mm F/3.5 1/30 secs exposure.

more images: from Rick Schrantz of Nicholasville, Kentucky;