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The Orionids: Oct. 21-26, 2008
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  Summary: For the third year in a row, a stream of dust from Halley's Comet has produced an unusually strong and bright Orionid meteor shower. Worldwide observers counted twice the usual number of Orionids in spite of glare from a waning gibbous moon. [meteor counts] [sky map] See also the 2006 Orionid Gallery.
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Paul Martini,
Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA
Oct. 22, 2008

In the foreground is the ruins of the Ryan ranch home in Joshua tree national park, California.

Photo details: Leica M8, 28mm summicron lens, 24 seconds @ f2, ISO 1250

Chris Peterson,
Guffey, Colorado, USA
Oct. 23, 2008
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This Orionid fireball was captured by a video allsky camera on the morning of October 23. The estimated magnitude is -9, and a long, luminous trail remains after the meteor passes.

smokey Orionid debris
twisted by high-altitude winds

Scott Peshia,
Tucson, Arizona
Oct. 21, 2008
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This was a great show! These four submitted shots were the best from my collection. Kudos to Marsha Adams and Rich Swanson for capturing the impressive fireballs over Arizona on film. I did witness the fireball Marsha captured but not Rich's gem. Great work to all!!!

Photo details: Canon EOS Rebel XT, 1/20 sec, ISO 1600

Peter van Leuteren,
Cosmos Observatory, Lattrop, the Netherlands
Oct. 23, 2008
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Last night I observed, together with 5 friend, the Orionid meteor shower. Near the Cosmos Observatory in Lattrop (the Netherlands) we saw some beautiful Orionid meteors. My Canon40D camera photographed some of them. In the combined image you can see 4 Orionid meteors.

Photo details: Canon 40D with 15mm F/2.8 fish-eye, ISO 1600, 30 seconds exposure

more images: from Pierre Martin of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; from Romolo Berchicci of Altamura, south Italy; from Roman Piffl of Bratislava, Slovakia, Europe; from Juraj Toth of Modra, Slovakia;