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The Leonids: Nov. 15-18, 2009
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  Summary: On Nov. 17, 2009, Earth passed through a cloud of debris from Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, causing an outburst of 100+ meteors per hour over Asia and a lesser display over North America and Europe. [full story] [sky map] [meteor counts]
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Sangku Kim,
Angsung, ChungNam, South Korea
Nov. 18, 2009
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Photo details: (#1) Canon 5D Mark2, Sygma 8mm Lens, f/4, ASA6400, 20sec x 26 composition; (#2) Canon 5D Mark2, Nikon 16mm Lens, f/2.8, ASA6400, F:2.8, 20sec x 2 composition

Martin McKenna,
Maghera, Co. Derry, N. Ireland
Nov. 17, 2009
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Between 02.00-06.30 UT I observed 89 meteors of which 64 were Leonids. At 05.57 UT I seen the most incredible Leonid fireball of my life which shot into the sky to my E of N. It was brighter than the full Moon with a giant dazzling green 'head' and streaming up from it was a LONG silver tail completely vertical to the horizon and as straight as a ruler filling the entire naked eye field of view. It left behind an incredible smoke train with a silver bulging head and remarable blue and purple vertical glowing trail at least 40 degrees long which hung in the air for 10 min's, it reminded me of a great comet!. The train faded and twisted due to high altitude winds and transformed into an orange coloured coil. I was frozen with astonishment and only managed to get these images as it faded. This was a sight I shall never forget! Fujifilm S6500fd 6.3MP ISO800 30 secs.

Chris Peterson,
Guffey, Colorado
Nov. 17, 2009
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This is a composite of 48 Leonid meteors collected with an allsky video camera on the morning of November 17. Non-Leonid meteors have been removed from the image. Several impressive fireballs were recorded as well.

Victor van Wulfen,
Jurg Wagener's Sterland Boerdery Sutherland, South Africa
Nov. 15, 2009
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Sunday november 15th, while observing from Jurg Wagener's Sterland Boerdery ( in Sutherland, South Africa, at 23:34 (UTC+2) a brief flash bathed the observing site in white light. It was as if someone fired a camera's flash. Looking up we could see a bright trail which quickly faded, close the Magellanic Clouds. My camera which I had set up to take fixed tripod exposures throughout the night captured this suspected Leonid. I will continue to attempt more imaging in the coming nights. As I have limited access to the internet I will not be able to upload pictures to my website until next week.

Photo details: Canon EOS 450D EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM @ f1.4, ISO1600, 25 seconds, tripod mounted

more images: from James Champagne of Tucson, Arizona; from Tom King of Watauga, Texas; from Yaron Eini of Gatineau, Quebec; from Olivier Staiger in the Swiss Alps; from Runar Sandnes of Reed, Norway

Bright non-Leonid meteors observed during the Leonid meteor shower: from Malcolm Park of Grafton Ontario, Canada; from Yaron Eini of Gatineau, Quebec; from Marsha Adams of Sedona, Arizona; from Andreas Gada of Oak Heights, Ontario