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The Perseids: July-August 2009
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Summary: Forecasters expect the 2009 Perseid meteor shower to peak on August 11th and 12th. Moonlight will interfere with the display, but not ruin it. Sky watchers in dark country locations could see more than 100 meteors per hour, and perhaps as many as 200 if Earth passes through an anticipated filament of comet dust that is crossing Earth's path. NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office warns of a possible outburst at 0800 UT (01 a.m. PDT) on August 12th. [live meteor counts] [possible outburst] [observing tips] [sky map]

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Thad V'Soske,
Glade Park, CO
Aug. 12, 2009
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It was a perfectly clear and cool summer night (~6700ft elevation) and the moonlit meteor shower was really wonderful! I shot more than 1400 frames with various Canon DSLR cameras and wide-angle lenses, and was very lucky to have captured a handful of brilliant meteors. Details: ISO1600, f/2.8, 30-sec each. Some of the many frames that I shot will be turned into time-lapse movies of this year's event. The movies will appear on in the near future. Stay tuned!

Tom Taylor,
Shooting Star Inn & Observatory just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona
Aug. 12, 2009
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Caught a shooting star over A Shooting Star Inn and Observatory...!!!

Ugur Ikizler,
Mudanya - Bursa / Turkey
Aug. 13, 2009
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Perseid Meteor Shower. 13.08.2009 - 1.Photo - 00:16 - 2.Photo - 01:52 - 3.Photo - 03:38 (GMT+3) - Canon Rebel XT - Hutech modified - Sigma DC 17 70 ( 17 mm ) - f/3.2 - ISO 800 - 30 sec. exposure

Ehsan Rostamizadeh,
Laleh-zar, Kerman, Iran
Aug. 13, 2009

Beautiful orange Perseid meteor at dawn.

Photo details: Canon 40D at 17mm f/4

Michael Boschat,
Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
Aug. 13, 2009

Excellent fireball with a 3 second trail!

Photo details: Canon Rebel 350D with lens set near 20mm, f/3.5, 400 ISO and 20 second exposures.

more images: from Henry Leiter of Westerville, Ohio; from Paul Keen of Agoura Hills, California; from Michal Nyklewicz of Poland; from Tomasz Adam of Staszów, Poland; from Daniel Lih of Taichung, Taiwan; from Samuel D. Todd of Huntsville, Alabama; from Monika Landy-Gyebnar of Veszprem, Hungary