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The Perseids: Aug. 6-13, 2007
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  Summary: The 2007 Perseid meteor shower peaked on August 12th and 13th. With no moon to spoil the show, it was one of the best displays in years. [full story] [sky map]
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Brian Emfinger,
Ozark, Arkansas
Aug. 12, 2007
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Saw several nice bright meteors but only caught one with camera and unfortunately it was through trees on the bottom of my picture. Still a nice show. The first picture shows the fireball with the other nice meteors I got during the morning.

Photo details: Canon Digital Rebel XT, 800ISO, 25secs,

Pete Lawrence,
Selsey, West Sussex, UK
Aug. 12, 2007

My first Perseid of the season and what a nice one it was too. This is a crop from the original wideangle frame in which the meteor trail was close to the edge. The trail appears slightly curved due to edge distortion in the lens.

Mark Vornhusen,
Gais, Switzerland
Aug. 11, 2007
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Last night I captured several Perseid meteors with my night vision video camera.

John Chumack,
The Chumack Observatories, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Aug. 12, 2007
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This snapshot shows M45 Pleiades Cluster (top) Mars (center) Hyades Cluster (bottom) Persied Meteor (lower right)

Photo details: Orion EQ-1 portable mount, Canon 10D, ISO 400, 20 mm lens @ F4, 4 minutes

Ginger Mayfield,
Park County, Colorado, High in the Rockies.
Aug. 11, 2007
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There was a big storm to the east of our dark sky site and as I was trying to get some lightning shots a nice Perseid shot across the sky. It really made for a nice image.

Sabahattin Bilsel,
Bursa, Turkey at Uludag 2200m
Aug. 12, 2007

I was trying to capture 20 shots of Pleiades (M45) for later combine and stacking. 3 images failed because of poor tracking of my mount. One of those had a Perseid flying by, bigger than my FOV.

Photo details: Canon 350D, 30s, ISO 1600

George Varros,
Mount Airy Maryland
Aug. 12, 2007
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AIM-IT Meteor Tracker video images of Perseid meteors in an 8x6 degree field of view. The meteor tracker instrument will be imaging with a high frame-rate spectrograph for the Aurigid outburst campaign Sept 1.

more images (Aug. 12): from Ron White of Lancaster N.H.; from Arno Paanstra of Ede (Ginkelse Heide), The Netherlands;