2006 Perseid Meteor Gallery
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Summary: The 2006 Perseid meteor shower peaked on August 12th in bright moonlight--so much for dark skies! Nevertheless, sky watchers managed to photograph some nice shooting stars, as shown below.

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Chris Peterson,
Guffey, Colorado, USA
Aug. 12
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My allsky camera captured about 100 Perseid meteors over three evenings, August 10-12. The weather was quite poor, with only a couple of hours each night clear enough to catch meteors between clouds. The Moon was nearly full, but has been removed from the composite.

Laurent Laveder,
Treguennec, Bretagne, France
Aug 12
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'This is not a Perseid'. It sounds like the Magritte famous painting, but it's really NOT a Perseid: it's an Iridium flash from Iridium 33. Lost in the contemplation of the sky, I missed the beginning of the flash, hence its shooting star-like shape! But I caught some real faint Perseids. Despite the lack of Perseids, we spent a really nice time laying on the beach, taking many pictures of the dunes lighted up by the bright Moon. Canon 350D DSLR, Sigma 10-20 at 10 mm and f4.0, 800 ASA, 15 to 30 s exposure.

Pierre Martin,
Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Aug. 12

I had great weather to enjoy this year's Perseids despite the bright moon. Some nice meteors were seen even though the rates were hampered by the lack of dark skies. I captured this major fireball on Saturday morning August 12 prior to dawn. This is a single frame with my Canon 30D using a 16-35mm lens (set at 20mm f/2.8), ISO 400 and 30sec exposure. Processing: slight contrast and brightness and cropping. Ursa Minor is visible right of center.

Mike O'Leary,
Mt Laguna, about 45 miles East of San Diego, CA
Aug. 12

The Perseids are always nice. The best ones were missed by my camera, but were nice to watch anyway. Canon 5D with 24mm f/1.4 lens.

Ron Wayman,
Tampa Florida
Aug. 12

Even though I only managed to capture one Meteor from city lights and moonlight, I think the Perseid Meteor Shower was spectatular in Tampa Florida. I saw eight Meteors in about 45 minutes of intermittent viewing.

more images: from Mike Lecza of Durham, Connecticut; from Martin Farmer of Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, UK; from Mike Hutchinson of Muncie, Indiana;

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