2004 Perseid Meteor Gallery
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Summary: The 2004 Perseid meteor shower peaked on August 11th and 12. Sky watchers saw plenty of Earthgrazers and a lovely pre-dawn conjunction of Venus and the crescent moon.

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  Photographer, Location Images Comments

P-M Hedén,
Riala/Norrtälje, Sweden
Aug. 12
#1, #2, #3

A fantastic night in Sweden with over hundred of Perseid meteors in three hours between 11-12/8 2004. I managed to capture some meteors with a SLR camera Zenit, Helios 58mm objective f/4 and Fuji Provia 400F.

Bob Yen,
Hungry Valley, CA
Aug. 11
#1, #2, #3, #4, more

Fuji Super G800Plus, 20 minute exposure One fireball had multiple flashes which lit up the ground. The other fireball was 90 degrees!

Paul Evans,
Big Collin, Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Aug. 11
#1, more

Taken during the EAAS BBQ/Perseid Watch 11/12 August 2004.

Tago Shusaku,
Nishi-tonami, Toyama, Japan
Aug. 12
#1, more

A Perseid meteor passing the constellation Cygnus the Swan. Exposed from Aug. 12, 17:32 UT-, 4-min exposure x 4 frames blended (to reduce noise), Canon EF35mmF2.0 at F2.0, Fujicolor Superia 800, guided with Takahashi EM-1, film scanned with Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II, enhanced with AstroArts StellaImage4.0 and Adobe Photoshop 5.0

Jason A.C. Brock,
Roundtimber Texas on 8/12/04
Oct. 25
#1, #2, more

One of the best Perseid displays ive seen created some very low horizon perseid as well as a few very bright fireballs. Canon Digital Rebel at 1600 ISO, 30-45sec at f2.8-3.2

Chris Peterson,
Guffey, Colorado, USA
Aug. 12

Composite of 133 Perseid meteors captured by a video allsky camera between UT 04:41 and 12:18. The Moon and Venus are seen rising at the left. The dimmest meteors are about magnitude 1 and the brightest are about magnitude -8.

Andrei Chtcherbatchenko,
Arlington, Washington, USA
Aug. 12
#1, #2

Technical details: f/1.8, Fuji Superia 800, manual shutter. All pictures were taken between 1:45 and 3:45 A.M. PST August 12th, 2004.

Aldo Bassi,
Erice Mountain (Sicily), Italy at about 600 meters on sea level.
Aug. 12

A bright Perseid meteor taken with a Canon 300D at ISO3200, 30 second exposure on fixed tripod. 24mm lens f3,5.

David Rosenkrantz,
Holcomb Valley, CA (Big Bear lake)
Aug. 11

Perseids from Holcomb Valley, CA near big bear. 8m F4 ISO800 Canon 300D Digital Rebel kit lens Some light polution from cities below the mountains.

George Varros,
Mount Airy Maryland
Aug. 10
#1, more

Single video field of a tracked meteor. Imaged with a PC-164 High Res video camera and 35mm F/1.2 lens. FOV is approximately 8x6 degrees. More images at www.gvarros.com

Yukihiro Kida,
Hamada, Shimane, Japan.
Aug. 13
#1, #2

Photo details: Pentax and Vixen SLR camera,Pentax 28mm and 50mm lens,Fuji film 800 ASA, 60sec exposure each.

more images: from Robert Hoetink of Enschede, The Netherlands; from Tuomas Tenkanen of Riihimäki, Finland; from Aleksander Trebacz at Mt Lubomir, Weglowka, Poland; from R J Cobain of Bangor, Northern Ireland; from Jun Wang of Zipengshan, Anhui Province, China; from Mike Hutchinson of Muncie, Indiana, USA

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