Solar Eclipse Gallery
May 31, 2003

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Summary: Sky watchers in Alaska, parts of Canada, most of Europe and Asia enjoyed a partial eclipse of the Sun on May 31st. [full story]

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Gianni Tumino and Melania Pluchinotta, Porto Palo, Sicily, Italy #1 A crescent sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea. Photo details: NIKON 300 mm. lens at f/4, FUJI VELVIA FILM, 1/60 sec. exposure

Furio Pieri, Trieste, Italy #1 F. Piera: "The church of Repentabor-Monrupino in the picture near the eclipsed sun is quite old--from year 1500. "

Philippe & Geertrui Mollet-Cornelis, Grimbergen, Belgium #1 "The sun rose some 10 minutes after maximum eclipse," says Philippe, "but due to low clouds and high levels of humiditiy in the air, it took another 25-30 minutes before we had a first look at the eclipsed sun. This is one of the nicer images from our live webcast of the event."

Rainer Klemm Passau, Bavaria, Germany #1 R. Klemm: "We had a beautiful sunrise this morning!"

Christoph Rollwagen, Potsdam, Germany #1 C. Rollwagen captured this picture of crescent-shaped sunbeams playing across an apartment building in Potsdam.

Maurice Pfeiffer, Strasbourg, France #1, #2 Canon EOS D30, 300mm lens, F5.6, 1/180s and 1/250s, ISO100.

Arne V. Hoem, Eiksmarka (near Oslo), Norway #1, #2 Leafy trees cast these crescent-shaped sunbeams on the photographer's home.

Jean-Marie Maillard, Waremme, Belgium #1, #2, #3 These pictures were taken with a Nikon F2 and 105mm telephoto lens on Kodak Gold 200

Lucio Furlanneto, Palmanova, Italy #1, more Photo details: Time: 03:35 UT; Telescope: reifractor 80/1200; Film: Kokak 200 ISO; NO filter.

Steven Alan, Waremme, Belgium #1, #2, #3 S. Alan: "The mist obscured sunrise, but the Sun managed to shine through it a few minutes later. All these pictures were taken with a Fuji 602Z digital camera."

Luc Debeck, Wodecq, Belgium #1, more none

Pete Lawrence, Pagham Harbour, West Sussex, UK #1, more Equipment: Olympus C-2100uz digital camera

Frédéric Merlin, Fontaine-Notre-Dame, France #1, #2 S. Alan: "The sun is just above the northeastern horizon, between 1° and 4°--a beautiful partial eclipse at the sunrise!"

More: from of Isfahan, Iran; from Russ Calvert near Nottingham, UK; from Gunther Groenez of Belgium; from Rob Driessen of Belgium; from Jelle de Plaa of Zeist, The Netherlands