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January 26, 2009
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Summary: The Year of the Ox began with a solar eclipse. On Monday, Jan. 26th, the same new Moon that marked the Chinese Lunar New Year passed in front of the Sun--dead center--covering 93% of the solar disk. The annular eclipse was visible from a narrow path spanning the Indian Ocean; the sunset end of the path fell across Borneo, Sumatra and Java, where observers saw a fantastic "ring of fire" sink into the sea at the end of the day. [details]

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Sangku Kim,
Merak, Indonesia
Jan. 26, 2009
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Composited background is the Hindu temple Candi Prambaran in Jogjakarta,

Photo details: Canon 5D, 24~105mm (24mm, F:11), Baader Solar Filter, interval 10m

Bintaro, Jakarta
Jan. 26, 2009
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I was lucky. Even though during Chinese new year you will expect rainy day the dark cloud opened up and gave chance to take some shots.

Photo details: Nikon D50, 70-300 lens at various speed plus 1 cpl, 1 ND8,1 ND4

Miyagi Takafumi,
Jan. 26, 2009
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The second-contact, the maximum food and the elapse of 3rd Thin cloud passed. The Takahashi astronomical telescope

Photo details: Nikon D700 ISO 200 1/4000 seconds of exposure Fuji film ND2.0 The photographer Miyagi Takashi is from Japan

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