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June 18, 2007
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  Summary: On June 18, 2007, the crescent Moon eclipsed Venus--an hour-long occultation visible in broad daylight from Europe and later at sunset from the Middle East and India. [maps and timetables]
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Helmut Groell,
Moers, Germany
Jun. 18, 2007
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Venus with moon, 10"-Newton, Philips ToUCam

Patrick Sogorb,
From Savigny-le-Temple, near Paris, France.
Jun. 18, 2007
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I'm dreaming since a long time to make a picture with the two crescents. Today, it is done!

Photo details: EOS300D camera at 100iso, 100-400 lens (at 400mm of course). The exposure time is 1/400 and the stop is f/8.

Alberto Dalle Donne,
Medelana, Bologna, Italy
Jun. 18, 2007
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Felsina Observatory of Associazione Astrofili Bolognesi, Newton 400 mm f/10, Pentax *Ist DL. There were many clouds... but some minutes later I saw Moon and Venus by the naked eye...

Pete Eslick,
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Jun. 18, 2007
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Nikon D50, Nikon 80-400 Zoom. 1/60 second at F5.6. ISO1600. The first picture taken just before immersion, the second about half-way through. I was lucky to get the second, as I was checking focus when I noticed Venus dimming as it disappeared, and had to fumble for the remote control.

Ulrich Hertel,
Chemnitz, Germany
Jun. 18, 2007
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daylight eclipse of venus, moon and venus could be seen with unaided eye without problems, photo details: meade lx-90 with canon ixus 60

Didier Favre,
Bretigny sur Orge, France
Jun. 18, 2007
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This is a composition of 3 images from 3 movies shoot with a DMK31AF03.AS camera behind a SkyWather 80/400 refractor. It was hard to obtain something good because of the lot of clouds.

Domenico Licchelli,
Gagliano del Capo, Italy
Jun. 18, 2007
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This picture was taken about ten minutes after the end of Venus occultation by the moon Telescope - 300mm f/5.3 Canon 400D 100 ASA, 1/500 sec

Alireza Teimoury,
Esfahan, Iran
Jun. 18, 2007
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Canon EOS 30D, 300mm SIGMA Lens at f:5.6 We are so lucky that we can saw it after sunset.

Gábor Csaba,
Budapest , Hungary
Jun. 18, 2007

Photo details: Canon 350D , 90/300 tele(on 300) ISO 400 , F: 5,6 , s:1/500