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Summary: The full moon glided through Earth's shadow on May 15/16, 2003. Sky watchers in the Americas, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia saw the moon redden and fade for nearly an hour. It was the first lunar eclipse of 2003. [full story]

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Cody Williams (age 14), Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA #1 Susan Bromen: "My 14 year-old grandson, Cody Williams, took this photo using my Sony Mavica FD73 (4 years old). He held the lens against the eyepiece of a newly purchased telescope."

Steve Barnes, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #1 This remarkable time exposure of the eclipse shows the moon fading and surging again, star trails, and streaking lights on a highway in the foreground.

Willian Souza, Sao Paulo, Brazil #1, #2 W. Souza: "I made this movie from 26 pictures that I captured using a 135mm f/5 homemade reflector and a Sony P30 digital camera."

Jean-Luc Dighaye, Nivezé, Belgium #1 Photo details: Nikon D100 and a C8 with focal reducer f/6.3 1s, ISO 400

Steve Barnes, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #1 S.Barnes: "A friend and I took a last minute flight from Hamilton, Ontario, to escape cloud cover. I took these pictures near Thunder Bay."

[Quicktime video]
Thomas Dorman, Horizon City, Texas, USA #1 Th. Dorman: "The eclipse was great, much darker than I expected (I was hoping for a blood red event). My camera had a hard time imaging the Moon at totality because it was so dark. I captured this video in a sand storm (25 to 30 mph winds) with the camera on a tripod."

Michel Renaud, Laval Observatoire, Quebec, Canada #1, #2, #3, #4 Michel Renaud made a red-blue anaglyph of this scene, which you can see in 3D using red-blue glasses.

Pathy Lakshmipathy, Fremont, California, USA #1 P Lakshmipathy: "This is a collage of the photos I took of the lunar eclipse from Fremont, CA. The photos were taken approximately 4 minutes apart with a Canon G2 digital camera."

Bjorn Bakstad, overlooking the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA, USA #1 Photo details: Canon EOS camera, 400 ASA, f3.5, exposures set between 4 sec at full eclipse to 1/2000 sec.

Dave Gilkes, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada #1, #2, #3 D. Gilkes: "We missed the total eclipse but just after totality the clouds gave way for a few pictures." Photo details: Fuji 100 film, 3 to 8 second exposures, 200mm and 300mm zoom lenses.

Dave Dockery, Las Cruces, NM, USA
#1 D. Dockery: "The three images were captured at entry, midpoint, and exit from totality." Photo details: Nikon CoolPix 995 digital camera shooting afocal through a TeleVue 32mm PLOSSL and TeleVue 85mm refractor.

Mike Lynch, Frankfort, KY, USA #1, #2, more M. Lynch: "We had a beautifully clear night in Frankfort. As the shadow crept across the Moon and the sky darkened, some stars very close to the lunar edge became visible. A stunning sight!"

More: from Ruben Aguirre of Universidad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México; from José Carlos Millán López of Martos, Jaén, Spain; from Ricardo J. Tohmé of Coronel Pringles, Argentina; from Rob Solar of Brea, California, USA; from Daniel Tardif of Québec City, Québec, Canada;