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January 15, 2010
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Summary: On January 15, 2010, the Moon passed directly in front of the sun, producing a "ring of fire" annular eclipse over a broad swath of the Indian Ocean and surrounding lands. [animated map]

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Daniel Lih,
Taichung, Taiwan
Jan. 15, 2010
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The solar eclipse I saw was a partial eclipse, and it was a special one; the process would continue after sun set! I went with my friends at school to a wetland so buildings or trees would not block our view of the sunset. The eclipse started at 15:41 and we needed six layers of polarizer to see the sun. However, at around 17:30, the sun became dimmer, redder, and larger with its crescent shape! It was spectacular to see the crescent sunset with the windmills beside the wetland!

James Kevin Ty,
Manila , Philippines
Jan. 15, 2010
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A green flash effect was seen in this image of the partial eclipse. Note the top of the Sun just above the black cloud. My colleague Andrew Ian Chan also has same image showing the "green flash" effect as well.

Commentary from atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley: "This is possibly a 'cloud-top' flash. There are two broad flash types, one is the classical Jules Verne flash when the the last sliver of sun disappears beneath the horizon. The other, much harder to see visually but more often photographed, is where the top of the sun flashes green while much of the disk is still above the horizon. The cloud-top flash is a variant of the second type and it might be caused by an inversion layer associated with the cloud top. We do not fully understand them!"

Photo details: Canon 500D on TV-101 refractor at 1/500 sec exposure at ISO 100.

Reza Amini Nejad,
Jan. 15, 2010
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observation team of Arak Astronomy society observed the partial solar eclipse and taken some images.

Erika Valdueza,
Manila Bay, Philippines
Jan. 15, 2010
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The Jan. 15, 2010 partial solar eclipse observed in Manila Bay, Philippines was indeed a rare astronomical event - the partially eclipsed sun during sunset was also enveloped by a solar halo. I used my Astroscan Reflector Telescope to project an image of the eclipsed Sun. Images were taken using Canon Rebel Xsi.

Antony Rajiv,
Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Jan. 15, 2010
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Annular solar eclipse, photos taken using Canon Rebel XSI digital SLR camera. Filter was used for taking direct photos of the sun. Projected images from telescopes were also shot.

Strikis Iakovos Marios,
Haidari Athens-Greece
Jan. 15, 2010
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H-alpha is unique... This was the first time I saw a solar eclipse through a Ha filter and it was really great. In Greece we were very lucky as all night it was raining.

more images: from ABHISHEK V. CHITNIS of Rameswaram, Tamilnadu, India