Solar Eclipse Gallery
Oct. 13-14, 2004

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Summary: The New Moon passed in front of the sun, producing a partial solar eclipse visible across much of the Pacific Ocean. The best observing sites were Japan, where the eclipse happened on Oct. 14th, and Alaska and Hawaii, where the eclipse began at sunset on Oct. 13th. [more]

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Wayne Itokazu,
Kekaha, HI looking in the direction of Niihau
Oct. 13

I was on Kauai for work when I realized this partial solar eclipse was to happen. When the sun's diameter was obscured by one-half, about one-third surface area, the landscape took on a surrealistic tone. The clouds added some flavor during the moment. Exposures taken every 2 1/2 minutes using Nikon D70 w/ 28-105 Nikkor lens. Solar filter was welder's glass #12 placed in a makeshift lens carrier.

Skye Schultz,
Kihei, Hawaii
Oct. 13

The clouds had just subsided, and the partial eclipsed sun was just setting. Photo details: Olympus Camedia 2040-Z digital camera. No enhancement.

Daisuke Tomiyasu,
Kobe, Hyogo JAPAN
Oct. 14
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Eclipse 10:46 a.m.- 12:26 JST(UST+9:00). Contax SL300R T* full auto exposure. Nikon's Zoom Binocular made funny silhouette.

Suzanne Lindsey,
Napili, Hawaii
Oct. 13

Sony digital camera. Great zoom, great pixels.

Joerg Schoppmeyer,
Oahu West Coast, Hawaii, USA
Oct. 13

I took this image with a simple 3x zoom digital camera. The filter is self-made (20 years old, fully exposed black&white film, maybe 'unsafe'). The sunset was incredible with a green and a blue flash.

I was in my work in Kakamigahara City, Gifu's Province - Japan.
Oct. 14
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A roof's hole projected a solar disc with parcial eclipse in a punch machine. I used a Nikon CoolPix995.