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July 11, 2010
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Summary: On July 11, 2010, the new Moon passed directly in front of the sun, producing a solar eclipse of rare beauty across the South Pacific. The path of totality crossed the Cook islands, Easter island, the waters off Tahiti, and southern parts of Argentina and Chile. [full story] [animated eclipse maps]

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Janne Pyykkö,
El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina
Jul. 11, 2010

The total solar eclipse 11-July-2010 in Argentina was not easy-to-catch, because the total phase appeared only 1 degree above the horizon and above the usually-cloudy Andes. To increase my possibilities, I hiked to a hill 400 meters above the lake Lago Argentino. With luck in weather I catched the phenomenon just over the mountains. I put myself into the photo to get a human touch. There was quite a strong wind during the eclipse which made me wish I had a better tripod.

Joerg Schoppmeyer,
El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina
Jul. 11, 2010
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Celestron Refractor 600mm with 2x Converter + Canon EOS 40D

Constantinos Emmanouilidis,
Mangaia Cook Islands
Jul. 11, 2010
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A small group of three astronomers traveled halfway around the globe to reach beautiful Mangaia. Here are the images we shot through the clouds.

Patricia Reiff,
off the coast of Tahiti
Jul. 11, 2010
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Physics professor Patricia Reiff of Rice University witnessed the eclipse from the deck of the Aranui 3 cruise ship just off the coast of Tahiti. She sent these pictures directly from the ship using her iPhone.

more images: from Bill Kramer on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship south of Tahiti