Sunset Eclipse Gallery
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Summary: The setting Sun became a strange-looking crescent in central parts of the United States on June 10, 2002, during a partial solar eclipse. [full story]

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Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyrighted by the photographers.

  Photographer, Location, Date Larger images Comments

William Biscorner, Casco, Michigan, USA #1, #2, more Photo details: Pentax k1000, 200 mm f/5.6 sigma lens.

Todd Lindley, Midland, Texas, USA #1, #2 T. Lindley: "The wide angle shot shows an anvil from a distant thunderstorm."

Jim and Karen Young, Wrightwood, California, USA #1 J. Young: "Here is a digital photo taken through our 10-inch f/4.5 reflector with a Minolta Dimage D-7 using a ScopeTronix MaxView 40 eyepiece (projection) system, along with a Thousand Oaks Optical type 2+ full aperture filter."

Edward Sargent, Denver, Colorado #1, #2, more E. Sargent viewed the eclipse through the thick smoke of Colorado's raging Hayman wildfire.

Joe Wheelock, McDonald Observatory Visitors Center, near Ft. Davis, Texas , USA #1, #2 J. Wheelock: "Catherine Taylor (a co-worker) and her dog George
demonstrate a safe way to view solar eclipses."

Ray Majoran, near London, Ontario, Canada #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 R. Majoran: "These images were taken just north of London, Ontario on a Nikon Coolpix 5000 (1/500 exposure time). I was able to capture them just before the sun faded out behind the haze."

Denis Slattery, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA #1 Photo details: Coolpix 995 digital camera coupled to a William Optics 24mm eyepiece on an 8" Meade SCT telescope at f/6.3. Exposure was 1/2000 second at ISO 100. Sun filter was Baader film, full aperture, masked.

Jeremy Leis, Hamilton, OH, USA #1 none

Dean Kelly, Salem, Oregon, USA #1, #2 D. Kelly: "One of these pictures shows a pair of eclipse images projected through my binoculars and onto the shadow of my head. My neighbor Pat Wahl and I had a great time shooting that one! The other shows my neighbor's wall with hundreds of images from light filtering through a birch tree. I showed this to my wife and neighbor and they were all amazed."

Mark Whitcombe, northwest of Toronto, Canada #1 M. Whitcombe: ""Here's a picture of the eclipse, taken northwest of Toronto, about 20 minutes before sunset and maximum for this location ... and about five minutes before the whole scene was eclipsed by clouds." Photo details: Olympus 3030Z digital camera.


  • from Greta Holsten of Vancouver, Canada: image #1, image #2
  • from Chris Barry of Alhambra, CA: animation
  • from Brian Harvey of Hollister, CA: image. Harvey used a 6" Newtonian with a full aperture Solar Filter and a Sony DSC-S70 digital camera.
  • from Robbie Osterman of Bainbridge Island, Washington: image.
  • from Robert Greene of St Helena, California: image.