The Transit of Mercury

Nov. 8, 2006

: The planet Mercury passed in front of the Sun on Wednesday, Nov. 8th--a rare transit visible from the Americas, Hawaii and all around the Pacific Rim: full story.

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Larry Alvarez,
Flower Mound, Texas, USA
Nov. 8
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Note: This is a rare view of the transit seen through a violet Calcium-K filter. CaK filters reveal the bright magnetic froth around sunspots and between solar granules.

"The sight of Mercury against the full disk sun in Calcium K-line really makes one see the true size of the sun in persepective. It looks like the size of a pea compared to a big red kick ball."

Photo details: Coronado CaK 70mm scope and a Lumeneara CCD.

Jeff Polzin,
St. Jacobs, Ontario
Nov. 8

"I prefer to work in pastel for the subtle to vivid transition in color that seems unattainable in other mediums. I enjoy painting atmospheres, real and imagined."

Sketch details: Chalk pastel on charcoal.

Jim Lamm,
Arizona Sky Village, Portal, Arizona.
Nov. 8
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Pretty hot day for mid-November: 84 degrees! The mountain shot is cool because you can see all of the tree branches a mile or more away, but Mercury had already fallen below the mountain.

Photo details: Nikon Coolpix 5000 with Scopetronix eyepiece attachment. Thousand Oaks filter on a Meade 6-inch Starfinder.

Tommy Hartline,
Burleson Texas
Nov. 08
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Photo details: Celestron cpc800 series XLT. I went prime focus on the edge shot and used a 3 x barlow on the close up.

Enrico Africa,
Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA
Nov. 08

This was an opportunistic seredipitous shot of the setting sun shining through some foreground trees with Mercury in full transit.

Photo details: Camera: Olympus C-3040Z @ 100 ASA Telescope: Borg 76ED on a Meade LXD-55 mount with a Baader film solar filter Afocal shot through a Meade 20mm Plossl Exposure time: 1/80 second

Jimmy Eubanks,
Boiling Springs, South Carolina
Nov. 8

What a wonderful experience. I can't describe the excitement as I watched Mercury cross the limb of the Sun.

Photo details: Meade LPI and a Coronado PST Hydrogen Alpha Telescope.

Andy Dodson,
Huirangi, NZ
Nov. 8
#1, #2

We had atrocious weather for the transit with gale force winds, rain and only a few minutes of clear sky, - with clouds scudding over while I took the pics. But you don't get to choose your weather for transits, so these will have to do.

Photo details: SolarMax40 H-alpha filter, Stellarvue 80.

Schindler Leung,
Hong Kong
Nov. 8
#1, #2, #3

Even the Mercury is very tiny when compared to Venus, it’s still a great show.

Photo Details: Canon EOS 400D, EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L, Kenko 2X, Baader Filter

more images: from Hao Jia of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; from Jett Aguilar of Quezon City, Philippines; from Fr. Fred Gatschet and Dr. Kendall Krug of Hays, Kansas; from Richard Bell at the Indiana Dunes State Park; from Zachary Wagner of San Ramon, California; from Sandeep Mitter of San Jose, California; from Dario Pires of Araraquara - São Paulo - Brazil; from Wade Howlett of Bullsbrook, Western Australia, Australia

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