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June 1, 2011
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A Rare Eclipse of the Midnight Sun: A solar eclipse in the middle of the night? Yes, it can happen. Sky watchers in the Arctic witnessed such an event on June 1st when the Moon partially eclipsed the midnight sun. [full story]

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Bjørnar G Hansen,
Kvaløya near Tromsø in the arctic Norway
Jun. 1, 2011
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Nikon D3.

Eivind Kolstad,
Alta, Finnmark, Norway
Jun. 1, 2011
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Myself and a friend of mine decided to go out and photograph the solar eclipse of the midnight sun. One 45 minute hike later, we reached the mountaintop and rigged up the cameras. The "show" went on from 22:40 to 00:20. And it was a spectacular show to say the least. 1128 RAW images later, we went hiked back down. I´m hoping to put together a Time lapse of the whole thing later today. Gear used: Canon 7D, EF 70-200 2.8L, TC-80n3 shutter-release.

Thilo Bubek,
Tromsø / Northern Norway
Jan. 6, 2011
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Some images of the midnight sun eclipse last night in Tromsø / Northern Norway. I was happy I stayed in Tromsø, as I had only some clouds over the whole time of the eclipse. The image with the 'Hurtigruten'-boat is a sandwich of two images (to handle the extreme contrast). Last image is taken with a solar filter.

Stephan Heinsius,
Levi mountain, Lapland, Finland
Jun. 2, 2011
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The partial solar eclipse during the night 01./02. June 2011 could be observed under perfect conditions from the Levi mountain in Lapland, Finland. The lunar limb was decorated by green lines, occurring as green flashes when the sun goes up or down. But during this midnight eclipse the sun continuously moved to the right.

Renate Westlien,
Tana, Finnmark, Norway
Jun. 1, 2011

Wonderful and magical eclipse of the midnight sun. The picture was taken in Tana, Norway June 1 2011. Nikon D3100, ISO 100, 1/4000, f/22

Kulkova Svetlana,
Bratsk, Russia (UT+9h)
Jun. 1, 2011
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Canon EOS 500D EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Photography through the smog and fog

more images: from Francis Anderson of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories - Canada