December 1, 2008
  Summary:  On Dec. 1st, the three brightest objects in the night sky converged, producing a triple-conjunction of stunning beauty. Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon crowded into a patch of sky just a few degrees across and wowed observers around the world. [full story]
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Freddy Nauta,
Hurghada, Egypte
Dec. 1, 2008

Three in a row; Venus, moon and Jupiter. Picture was taken during a trip in Egypt on 1 december. I forgot my tripod so had to use an ashtray. Friends at home in Holland only saw clouds.

Photo details: Canon 300D, zoomlens 300mm at ISO 400 8 sec. and F/5,6.

Tom Soetaert,
Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Dec. 1, 2008

A beautiful conjunction of the moon, venus and jupiter! Cloudy skies prevented a great show until later, but between cloud cover it was great. The red color of the clouds are from lights on campus. F10 @10sec. 400ISO

Xin Li,
Dec. 1, 2008
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Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon,like a smile face beyond the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

Photo details: Canon EOS 30D and 50mm,ISO200,F/11,15s exposure.

Adrian New,
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Nov. 30, 2008

The skies began to clear so I hurried to set up my camera at a local city park, named the Heritage Duck Pond Park, here in San Antonio, Texas. The conjuction was a beautiful display as it peeked in and out of the clouds. You can see the crescent moon next to a duck statue.

Photo details: Nikon D200, 50mm lens at ISO 400 for a 3 second exposure.

Peter Lipscomb,
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dec. 1, 2008

Clear sky with near ideal conditions - my son Jasper used the opportunity to practice his juggling.

Jeffrey Berkes,
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Dec. 1, 2008
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There was some strong thunderstorms rolling through the area, but we received a brief 15 minutes break in the clouds which gave me the opportunity to get these shots! It was so beautiful.

Photo details: Nikon D3, ISO 800

Tim Owens,
Melbourne, Australia
Dec. 1, 2008

Caught just before the moon settled behind the clouds.

Photo details: Nikon D40X and an 18-55mm lens @55mm. ISO400, 10secs @ f10. Post processed in Photoshop for cropping, tone and noise reduction.

more images: from John Glowacki of Dudley, MA, USA; from Makoto Yamasaki of Fukuoka, Japan; from Rob Ratkowski of Pukalani, Maui, Hawaii; from Dr. Lynda Griffith of rural Bovey, Minnesota, USA; from Victor Ramirez Modinger of Santiago, Chile; from Mariano Ribas of Buenos Aires, Argentina; from Jim Rez of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; from Jorge Solano of Guatemala City, Guatemala;