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  Summary: Comet McNaught swung by the Sun in mid-January 2007. Fierce solar heat turned it into the brightest comet in 40 years; for a few days it was actually visible in broad daylight! When McNaught emerged from the sun's glare into the skies of the Southern Hemisphere, the tail alone stopped traffic and was mistaken for a brush fire, an explosion, a mysterious cloud and probably many other things never reported. For photographers, it was the photo-op of a lifetime. Now Comet NcNaught is receding into the outer solar system never to return -- only the pictures remain. Enjoy the gallery!
  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Robin Loznak,
Great Falls, Montana.
Jan. 9, 2007

Amazing view of the comet over the Rocky Mountain Front near Great Falls.

Photo details: Nikon D2Hs, 300 mm lens, 320 ASA, f/4

Vladimir Zivkovic, Astronomy club Orion,
Dakovo, Croatia
Jan. 9, 2007
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I was surprised by comet McNaught's brightness! Only two objects visible in the evening sky were Venus ant this bright comet. It is a great sight with a naked eyes, but in a 700mm teloescope it looks gorgeous. It is the most beautiful (and the only) snowball I saw this winter, cause here in Croatia there's no snow. Today's temperature was 17oC, while average for this date is about 0oC or even no snow these days but this shiny melting dirty ice ball floating in the universe and making us astronomers very happy!

Photo details: Canon EOS 400D, ISO200, f/5.6, 18-55mm lens @55mm, 6s exposures.

Chris Cook,
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Jan. 9, 2007
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What a beautiful sight! The comet was easily visible to the naked eye and even more stunning in 10x50 binoculars. The star like nucleus glowed with a gold hue as a broad elegant tail extended over 1 degree. I had ideal weather conditions which enabled me to view the comet until 5:20pm EST.

Photo details: 80mm f/6 APO refractor, Canon 20D, ISO 400 or 800., exposures 1/2 to 1 second.

Stan Richard,
Iowa Public Televison, Johnston,Iowa
Jan. 9, 2007
#1, more

Captured at approx. 5:40pm CST

Photo details: Canon 30D, 70-200mm lens at f/5.6, 1/6 sec at ISO100.

Islandia Geomatics,
Comet McNaught over Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland.
Jan. 9, 2007
#1, more

Bessastadir - the residence of the President of Iceland is also visible at the bottom of the photo. In the middle there is a small airplane above the center. The photo is taken from Perlan in Reykjavik, Iceland. GPS coordinates: N 64.1291°, W 21.9193°

Photo details: Sony DSC-H5, 34.9mm, f/3.5, ISO 320, 0.125 s

Mike Holloway,
Van Buren, AR
Jan. 8, 2007

RGB images were added to a Lum. image which had a tree top in it. The sunset is to the lower left. I used a Tele Vue 127is ref. and ST10 XMEI ccd. All sub images were .02 seconds long

John Shirley,
Folsom, California
Jan. 9, 2007
#1, #2, #3,

Oh Wow! After looking across the Hazy Sacramento Valley for three nights, this was the first time I could see it with my 64 year old eyes. It was not Hale-Bopp, but just as exciting.

Photo details: Olympus 300 Evolt, a cheap Sigma 200 mm lens, ISO 200

Patrick Boomer,
Southwest of Red Deer, Alberta
Jan. 9, 2007
#1, #2

The clouds parted just long enough to snap a few shots just as McNaught peeked out at 5:10pm local time. Very easy to see with the naked eye tonight.

Photo details: Canon 350D, 300mm, 1/2sec, f7.1, iso200.

Brian Tkachyk,
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Jan. 8, 2007

Awesome view with the naked eye, must be geting close to mag. -2!

Photo details: Canon 20Da, ISO 100, 200mm f3.2, 1 sec.

more images: from Deral Wise of Fairbanks, Alaska; from Boyd Phillips of Kennebunk Beach, Maine; from Thad V'Soske of Grand Valley, Colorado; from Alfredo Garcia Jr of Tucson, Arizona; from Jeff Berkes of West Chester, Pennsylvania; from Leon Choin of Wonder Lake, Illinois; from Scott Weberpal of Janesville, Wisconsin; from Brian Emfinger of Ozark, Arkansas; from Darrell Spangler of Drake, Colorado; from Mark Stauss of Trimble, Missouri; from Alex Conu of Mihailesti, Romania; from Tim Printy of Manchester, New Hampshire; from Edward Knight of Belchertown Mass.; from John Stetson of Portland, Maine;