COmet Lulin Photo Gallery
  Summary:  Following its close encounter with Earth on Feb. 24th, Comet Lulin (C/2007 N3) is moving away and slowly dimming. [full story] [ephemeris] [3D orbit] [finder charts: Jan.11-Feb.20, Feb.20-Mar.21]
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Paul Mortfield,
Shaver Lake, CA
Jan. 8, 2009
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Jan 8.57 UT, 2009: Photographed from Sierra Remote Observatories in morning twilight using RCOS 16" f/8.9, total 10min unguided. 1/2degree wide field. Surprising tail structure in ion and anti-tail. Had to image quickly to beat the brightening sky.

Gregg Ruppel,
Ellisville, MO
Jan. 8, 2009
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Comet Lulin in the morning twilight passing the magnitude 5.9 star 47 Librae. LRGB image 6:6:6:6 for a total of 24 minutes.

Karzaman Ahmad,
Langkawi National Observatory, Malaysia
Jan. 7, 2009
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Comet Lulin image was taken by me from Langkawi National Observatory, Malaysia this morning (Jan 7, 2009) shows its bright 'tail' and 'anti-tail'. Photo details: RCOS 20", STL11000, LRGB combined, total exposure 24 minutes.

Ernesto Guido, Giovanni Sostero & Paul Camilleri,
remotely from New Mexico
Jan. 8, 2009
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Comet Lulin imaged on 08 January 2009

Jeremy Perez,
Sunset Crater National Monument, Arizona, USA
Jan. 9, 2009
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I'm primarily a visual observer, so I usually sketch my observations. The attached image is a drawing of the comet based on my observation this morning (Jan 9, 2009 - 13:00 UT). I drove northeast of Flagstaff to Sunset Crater National Monument and arrived there shortly after 5 am with the moon blazing away and lighting up the snow-covered landscape. The head of Scorpius was rising, and Antares was flickering with a rusty light just over the tops of the cinder cones. While the sky was still bright with moonlight, I shot a few photos of the landscape, and then set up my 8 inch Dobsonian. The comet was a snap to find at low power (37.5X) and readily pierced the moon-washed star field as a round glow with a nicely condensed core. [extended report]

more images: from Bill Gucfa of Rehoboth, Massachusetts; from Riccardo Di Nasso of Pisa, Italy; from Babak Tafreshi in the Alborz Mountains of Iran;

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