September 2007
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Summary: All of the auroras seen this month were sparked by solar wind streams striking Earth. The three most intense impacts occurred on Sep. 1st, 6th, 21st and 29th.

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Marco Fulle,
Nesjavellir, Iceland
Sep. 13, 2007

These "big auroras" stretched from Bootes at left across the Big Dipper and to Auriga at right.

Photo details: Fuji Finepix S3, ISO 800, Nikkor fisheye lens f=10.5mm, f/2.8, 30sec exp

Audrey Pion,
Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
Sep. 10, 2007
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This was far and away the best display of our stay in extreme North America. Auroras remained bright all night. Great show, huge pleasure!

Photo details: Nikon D70S, ISO 400, 8 to 15 s exposure

Erkki Rauhala,
Uurainen, Finland
Sep. 6, 2007
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It was a beautiful night!

Photo details: Canon 5D, and 17-35 mm/2,8. ASA 800-1600, 20-30 seconds exposure.

Fabien Brosse,
Fairbanks, Alaska
Sep. 5, 2007
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The show lasted all night with bright displays.

Photo details: Nikon D70S, F:3,5 - 15 to 25 sec exposure - 500 ASA

Mats Holmstrom,
Kiruna, Sweden (Latitude 67 N).
Sep. 7, 2007

The first auroras of the season--at least for me.

Alexander Chernucho,
Kirovsk, Russia (Kolskiy peninsula)
Sep. 3, 2007

Photo details: Nikon D200, ISO 800, 30s, f3/5 18mm panorama of 2 pics

Enrico Montanari,
A, Lofoten Islands Norway
Sep. 3, 2007
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This was my very first aurora, during my summer holidays in Norway. While taking pictures of Polaris, a green glow suddenly apperead in the sky, and in few seconds part of the sky became emerald! Beautiful experience!

more images (Sept. 15): from Niels Giroud of Seltjarnarnes, Iceland