Northern Lights Photo Gallery
November 2010
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Summary: Solar activity continues to increase after a two-year solar minimum that ranks among the century's deepest. The return of sunspots and a resurgent solar wind is good news for aurora watchers, who are seeing some of the best displays since ~2006. See also October 2010.

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Bjørn Jørgensen,
Kvaloya, Tromso, North Norway
Nov. 27, 2010
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I did not expect auroras tonight, but suddenly there was a huge, powerful outburst that lasted for about an hour and a half.

Photo details: Nikon D3s, Nikkor 14-24mm/2,8, 5 sec. exposure.

Graeme Whipps,
Chapel Of Garioch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Nov. 27, 2010
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Despite the freezing conditions, I decided to check the skies and noticed a glow to the north. There were no rays but the aurora was fairly bright with multiple arcs visible for a time before clouds encroached from the east.

Photo details: Canon 40d, 800 ASA, 30 second exposure, at 2022 and 2030 UTC.

Therese van Nieuwenhoven,
Laukvik, Lofoten,Norway (Polarlightcenter)
Nov. 27, 2010
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Tonight,there was an explosion of auroral lights,although it was not expected. The instruments of the magnetometers showed suddenly big activity and we could see the most beautiful and moving northern lights by surprise!

Photo details: Canon D400, 400 ASA,8 sec.

Vesa Särkelä,
Kemijärvi, Lappland, Finland
Nov. 27, 2010
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Nice Storm. Really cold weather. Riding with my bike on ice.

Photo details: Canon 50D, Helkama Ainotar (bike) :D

Frank Olsen,
Tromsø, Norway
Nov. 27, 2010
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After days with clear, cold weather without any North Light, last evening the North Light suddenly appeared. Just a few houndred yards from were I live I took these pictures. So despite the lightflow from the city, I managed to get nice shots.

Photo details: Canon EOS 7D, Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. ISO 1000, 1,3 - 3 secs exp

more images: from Halldor Sigurdsson of Reykjavik, Iceland; from Ivan Kravjansky of Ora, Meløy Kommune, Norway;