November 2003
Aurora Gallery
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Summary: A coronal mass ejection (CME) swept past Earth on Nov. 20th and sparked bright auroras as far south as Florida in the United States and Greece in Europe. The source of the CME was sunspot 484--one of the trio of active regions that caused intense geomagnetic storms last month. See, e.g., the October 2003 aurora gallery.

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  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Chris VenHaus,
Wisconsin, USA
Nov. 20

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The show was excellent to watch, but so-so for photography. The pulsations and flashes reminded me of the end of "2001: A Space Odyssey..."

David Zelden,
North Toronto, Canada
Nov. 20
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Canon EOS Fuji 400 ISO 20 seconds

Larry Burdick,
Hickory Corners, Michigan USA
Nov. 20

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Taken with a Nikon D100 set at 800ASA 30sec EXP

Sherry Buttnor,
Metchosin, BC, CANADA
Nov. 20

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S. Buttnor: "What a beautiful display here on the west coast! Gorgeous reds and greens, arcs and curtains, delicate rays and columns of pulsing colour. Just spectacular! Camera: Canon PowerShot A70 at ISO 200."

Alan Stankevitz,
LaCrosse, Wisconsin, USA
Nov. 20
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The Leonids were a bust here the previous night (clear skies/low activity), but I managed to capture a couple of them with the Northern Lights at around 4AM this morning near LaCrosse, Wi. It was quite a show! Camera: Canon D60, 15 sec, ASA800, 20mm lens.

Yuichi Takasaka,
Gingolx, BC, Canada
Nov. 20
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A faint glow started just after local midnight. Although it was windy and -4C, I was outside until 3AM enjoying red aurora. Detailed data at

Jan Curtis,
Wyoming, USA
Nov. 20

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J. Curtis: "Big surprise this morning. At 5:30AM MST, flaming red northern horizon with tall rays. Taken with Sony Mavica, 8 secs."

Steve Abarta,
Yakima, Washington, USA
Nov. 20
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The auroraa appeared shortly before 2 a.m local time as a green glow to the north. The display peaked around 2:30 a.m. and was over by 3. Very deep and bright reds, greens were not as prevelant this time. Photo Details: Sony CD Mavica CD300. 400 ASA, 8s exposure, F2.1

Astrid Jonker, The Netherlands,
Nov. 20th

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I waited for this all my life. And now just outside my house for many hours the Aurora was lightening the sky! Minolta, 28 mm, 400 ASA, 30 seconds.

Alan Cayless,
Stirling, Scotland
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Marko Klinc,
Velenje, Slovenia
Nov. 20

I've never seen such great auroras at these low latitudes!

Mariusz Dragun,
Near Torun, Poland
Nov. 20
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Unusual geomagnetic activity at this latitude, very bright auroras--almost as bright as in full moon. Camera: Olympus C-4000 Zoom, F/2.8, IS0 200, 16sec.

Roar Hansen,
Bergen, Norway
Nov. 20
#1, #2

Very intense auroras between 17-19 UTC. The brightest auroras I have seeen in Bergen last two years, mainly seen in the southern sky. Photo details: Nikon Coolpix 4300, digital camera, 400 ASA, 10s exposure.

more: from Zsolt Domotorfy, Budapest, Hungary; from Uwe
of Sinsheim, Germany

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