Northern Lights Photo Gallery
May 2010
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Summary: Solar activity continues to increase after a two-year solar minimum that ranks among the century's deepest. The return of sunspots and a resurgent solar wind is good news for aurora watchers, who are seeing some of the best displays since ~2006. See also Apr. 2010.

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Tony Wilder,
Chippewa Falls, WI
May. 3, 2010
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Well Worth the Wait!! It's been 5 years since I last saw the Northern Lights in my neck of the woods. And what a show it was! I watched the lights from 11pm CST - 2am CST Even witnessed the ISS pass thru my frames three times. Once at 11:08 and again at 12:13 if I recall correctly.

Joseph Shaw,
Bozeman, Montana
May. 3, 2010
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Nature gave us a subtle treat tonight. A red aurora just visible to the eye and easily visible to the camera (Nikon D300). Excellent treat given our latitude (45.67 N).

Tom Eklund,
Valkeakoski, Finland
May. 3, 2010
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Best activity was over quickly, maybe in couple of minutes, but these were by far the best auroras I have seen since December 2006! What a nice feeling!

Photo details: Nikon D200, Sigma 20 mm, f/2.8, exposure time around 15 sec and ISO 200-320.

Alan Dyer,
near Gleichen, Alberta
May. 2, 2010
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On Sunday, May 2, from here in southern Alberta, the aurora never got very bright and structured, just an auroral arc with faint rays reaching up the northern sky. But the camera picked up some nice mauve colours in the streamers. Still, after a long drought with little auroral activity it's a pleasant change to see some northern lights again.

Tomppa Jurvanen,
Lappeenranta, Finland
May. 3, 2010
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Those were the best, long-waited auroras for me since 2004.

Photo details: Nikon D50, 18-70 Nikkor @18mm, f3,5, ISO 800, 15s exposure

Janis Satrovskis,
Burtnieki, Latvia
May. 3, 2010
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Aurora came around midnight, long time no seen Latvia.

Photo details: Canon 40D, 17-40mm lens.

more images: from Kenny Åström of Mora, Dalarna, Sweden; from Martin McKenna of Maghera, Co. Derry, N. Ireland; from Mike Alexander of Galloway Astronomy Centre, Glasserton, Scotland; from Aigars Truhins of Sigulda, Latvia;