May 2005
Aurora Gallery
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Summary: A coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetic field on May 15th, sparking an extreme geomagnetic storm. [See also the April 2005 aurora gallery.]

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Larry Koehn,
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
May. 15
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I almost didn't go out because of the fog, but I am glad I did. What an incredible sight! From 3:00 until twilight, the sky was alive with northern lights. I used a Nikon camera with ASA 400 film with an exposure of 20 seconds. The rays extended to zenith. Wow!

Andy Skinner,
Mariposa, California, USA
May. 14
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WOW!! What a display. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, This is the first Saturday in months since the weather's been descent here in Northern California. So, I'd already been out with my scope for a few hours as the moon set around midnight. I was ready to pack it in when I noticed the unusual glow at the northern horizon. Suddenly, I remembered reading spaceweather's alert for aurora so I took a 30 sec. photo and 'thar she was'. Ye-Haww! It began very mildly. By 1:00am, I could plainly see the greens, reds, and pinks. The display began to dissipate around 2:15am. Don't know how much longer it went on cause I had to hit the hay. Canon 20D 800ISO 25s exposures.

Mark Seibold,
Troutdale, Oregon
May. 15
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Bright green aurora at times was shining through the clouds. Covered entire north sky and a height of 55 degrees in north-northeast altitude. Sony Cybershot Digital camera at ISO 400 f /2.8 30 seconds time exposure

Horace Smith,
Near Bath, Michigan
May. 15
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Cannon Digital Rebel, 400 ASA, 10s exposure

Julie Deth-Rhoden Hutto,
Laurel, MD
May. 15
#1, #2

A little after 9:00UT, between patchy clouds, a slight glow was detectable to the Northwest. Using a long exposure revealed reddish/purple aurora activity. Canon 300 DSLR at a 20 second exposure, 200 ISO

Michael Howlett,
Kimberly, WI, USA
May. 15
#1, #2, #3

Nikon D70, 400 ASA 8-15s exposure.

Dave Mogensen,
Kenosha, WI, USA
May. 15

Nikon D70, 10 second exposure, 18mm lens, ISO 200.

more images: from Terry Mann of West Manchester, Ohio; from Phil Kelly of Kokomo, Indiana, USA ("One of the best shows in the last 15 years for Indiana!" says Kelly.); from Art Kunz of Carbondale, Illinois;

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