July 2011

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  Summary: Solar wind streams hitting Earth's magnetic field sparked several displays of high-latitude auroras during July 2011. The best lights were seen over the South Pole where skies are winter-dark at this time of year. See also June 2011.  
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J. Dana Hrubes,
Geographic South Pole
Jul. 21, 2011
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We've had some very colorful aurora Australis lately here at the geographic South Pole; www.polarwinter.com ; J. Dana Hrubes; Winterover, South Pole Telescope; Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station; Antarctica

Robert Schwarz,
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica
Jul. 14, 2011
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I didn't expect anything big happening, especially with the moon pretty full, but then there was one of the best auroras I ever seen, a light conveyor belt of rays and spirals, so fast moving that even this 2.5sec exposure is washed out. Absolutely amazing. The picture shows the SPUD microwave telescope on the left.

Bob Johnson,
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Jul. 31, 2011
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More very bright Auroras caused by all the Solar activity. Was alerted by Spaceweather Phone that there may by a chance of, and there was, big time.Taken with my Canon 40D and Tokina fisheye lens. Exposure 25 seconds at ISO 1600.

Yuichi Takasaka,
Sugar Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Jul. 6, 2011

Canon EOS 5D MarkII, EF15/2.8 and EF 24/1.4L MarkII lenses.

Olivier Du Tré,
Cochrane, Alberta. Canada
Jul. 31, 2011
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Was looking at the data all day and anticipated a good show. A couple of hours before I was heading out, the Kp collapsed. I went out anyway and I'm glad I did. Not the most spectacular sighting but every sighting is a good one. These auroras had a very broad color spectrum. Ranging from purples, pinks, teal and greens. weird.

Yuichi Takasaka,
Mt. Fidelity Snow Research Centre, Glacier National Park, British Columbia, Canada
Jul. 24, 2011
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I spent 5 nights at Mt. Fidelity Snow Research Centre in Glacier National Park to photograph night sky this week. It only cleared the first night and the rest of the days were cloudy/rainy. Fortunately Aurora came out the first night, so I kept on shooting all night until the sun came out.

Warren Justice,
Moon Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada
Jul. 21, 2011
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Took some friends out to photograph aurora but as we all know, there are no guarantees! Although barely perceptible to the naked eye a camera lens can work magic. Caught these scenes just as the moon was climbing above the trees. Canon 5D 24mm f1.4

Carlton McMillan,
Fall Lake, MN
Jul. 5, 2011
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Camping with some friends from Texas. So we took them up north to the north woods of Minnesota. Nikon D300s 18-35mm 44sec @ f/3.5 1000iso

more images: from Bob Johnson of Saskatoon Saskatchewan; from Olivier Du Tré of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada; from Yuichi Takasaka of Sugar Lake, British Columbia, Canada; from Sylvain Serre of St-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada; from Colin Chatfield of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; from Bob Johnson of Saskatoon Saskatchewan