Northern Lights Photo Gallery
January 2010
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Summary: After a two-year lull, solar activity is slowly picking up again. The increase could herald brighter displays of Northern Lights in 2010. Stay tuned! See also Dec. 2009.

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Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen,
North of Norway, Bø in Vesterålen
Jan. 15, 2010
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Insane northern ligths... the sky exploded over my head!

Photo details: Nikon D300 with ISO 1600, f. 3.5 and 10s exposure.

Scott Manly,
Iqaluit, Nunavut (Baffin Island in Canada's Arctic)
Jan. 11, 2010
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It is nice when you can view the Northern Lights from inside, especially when it is -27F and -50+ windchill outside.

Photo details: Canon XS 1000D at 18mm, ISO 800, and exposures of 30 Seconds.

Fedrik Broms,
Kvaløya, Norway
Jan. 15, 2010
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Beautiful auroras tonight - they were not in the mood for dancing, but at times the strong green light in the north made the ice glow green too.

Photo details: Nikon D3, Nikkor 20mm f/2,8, various exposures

Adrian Lombardo,
Setermoen, Troms, Norway.
Jan. 15, 2010
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Incredibly strong, at times flickering as fast as flames. Could use the auroras to see the buttons on the camera, with no other light source. The display started with a few simple lines, which after a while lost control and started dancing all over the sky. Some red hues appeared as well, something I have never seen before. Just indescribably awesome experience. Shot with Nikon D3.

more images: from Therese van Nieuwenhoven of Laukvik, Lofoten, Norway