February 2011
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  Summary: A series of solar wind streams buffeted Earth's magnetic field in mid-February, producing bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. See also January 2011.  
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Helge Mortensen,
Kvaløya outside Tromsø
Feb. 16, 2011
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I haven't seen the aurora for several weeks now due to bad weather. So I was happy to grab my gear and head out with my buddy, Frank Olsen. The activity wasn't all that good. But still it's nice to see the dance across the sky. Great temperature at -7C and hardly any wind at this location. Amazing how the moon is able to light up the landscape. Will be great tomorrow if the Class M hits the earth. Canon EOS 5DmkII, Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 II L. ISO from 800-1250, f/1.6 up to 2.0, 1.6s and up to 2s.

Bud Kuenzli,
Fairbanks, Alaska
Feb. 15, 2011
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nearly a full moon, the Aurora was dim and almost invisible until past midnight. At -35F it was a chilly evening. Exposure varied but was around 15sec at f2.8 ISO 800 shot with a Canon 1DMKII and 16-35mm Canon lens.

Carlos Vazquez,
Melkefoss , Norway
Feb. 11, 2011
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The aurora comes so bright that the snow looks a little green. Change in form very fast and have some red and blue in the borders. Nikon D90 , 10.5mm f 2.8 5-10 sec exposure at 1600 and 400 iso.

Fredrik Broms,
Kvaløya, Norway
Feb. 15, 2011
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The aurora-show continued tonight with amazing curling bands stretching like a giant green snake over the moonlit landscape Nikon D3, AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2,8, various settings.

Geir Nøtnes,
Lofoten island Norway
Feb. 14, 2011
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canon eos5d mark2

Conor McDonald,
Northern Ireland, Maghera
Feb. 15, 2011

After a great day of snow showers we were treated to this wonderful aurora. Even with the bright moon up this fast changing, bright and colorful aurora was enough to shine through. The aurora peaked about 35deg high and was well over 60deg long.

more images: from Frank Olsen just outside Tromsø, Norway; from Hanneke Luijting of Tromsø, Norway; from Geir Nøtnes of Lofoten island, Norway; from Marko Peltola of Levi, Lapland, Finland; from Tom Eklund of Valkeakoski, Finland
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