Northern Lights Photo Gallery
February 2009
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Summary: With no warning, a high-speed solar wind stream hit Earth on Feb. 27, sparking Northern Lights around the Arctic Circle. See also January 2009.

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Aleksander Chernucho,
Mt. Khibiny, Kolyskia peninsula, Russia
Feb. 28, 2009
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Photo details: Nikon D700 24mm and 20mm lens Iso1600-2500 6-10s expo F2.8-3.5

Helge Mortensen,
Kvaløya, Norway
Feb. 27, 2009
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Fantastic Northern Lights tonight. Some of them covered 2/3 of the sky. They were moving fast.

Sylvain Serre,
Salluit, Nunavik, Quebec, Canada
Feb. 20, 2009
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Once more, I went to see the Northern Lights near the Inuit village of Salluit, in the Northern Quebec. It was very quiet until midnight...

Photo details: Canon EOS 30D, 16mm fisheye, f2.8, 800 ISO, 3-8 sec exp.

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