December 2005
Aurora Gallery
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Summary: Solar activity has been low this month--no strong solar flares or coronal mass ejections. Auroras have appeared at high latitudes, however, because of occasional solar wind streams buffeting Earth's magnetic field. [more]

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Robert Cobain,
Northern Ireland
Dec. 27

Last night's aurora was seen from most of Northern Ireland. It was short lived but at solar minimum we take all that we can get!! The equipment used was Canon rebel XT, sigma 24-70mm at 24mm and Hoya UV filter.

Kjell Olav Romma,
Trondelag, Norway
Dec. 27
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The first picture is taken outside my front door, showing the bright aurora with the Leo constellation rising above the mountain. Details: Olympus C-55 digital camera ISO 200, 15s exposure. Dec 27, 2005 at 22:30 local time.

Geir T. Øye,
Ørsta, Norway
Dec. 27
#1, more

These auroras were really so bright that they threw green and red shadows on the snow..the aurora virtually exploded in 18.45 and onward for about lost track of time..a 10 minutes..or so.. Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT, 18 mm lens, iso 800. Video tripod.

more images: from Martin Mc Kenna of Maghera, Co.Derry, N.Ireland (Dec. 27);

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